Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate – Basic Editing Beginners Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate basic editing tutorial for beginners will get most users up to speed on the basics of the video editing software application and give you some useful tips for video editing. This tutorial will show tips and tricks for users of Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate and Plus. We review the features of the software, setting up projects, splitting, trimming, adding titles, creating transitions, accessing media, keyboard shortcuts, and a whole lot more.

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John Adams says:

In Pinnacle 12 I could create three copies of the same photo. Start with the first one as unanimated and then animate the second one. The third one could then be matched to the end of the second one so the scene could be held for a time. Now in 18 I am having trouble coming up with the same results. I use the animated pan and use “keyframes” to perform the pan. The problem I am having is getting a stationary hold at the end. How do I accomplish this task?


what should i do if my render bar is ref after a while?

R John Mitchell says:

I have been having a full day of extreme frustration with this program. I have about twenty-five .mov files in a folder on my C Drive. I have imported these files more than a dozen times. When I import them, they never appear anywhere. They are nowhere in the Navigation Pane. They are not in the library. They are nowhere to be found. One time, while importing the files, I was able to import them to a newly named Collection, and I was able to transfer the collection to my library window, but the files themselves never show up on the library. How can I get my video segments to show up in the library of a new project???

Furthermore, I have tons and tons of unnecessary junk in my Navigation Pane, and in my Media. Can I delete out all the unnecessary junk?

Gregg Woodbury says:

Any ideas on how to pull the time/date stamp from the file and add it to the video?

MOMS says:

I uploaded my first crappy video. I need a lot of practice.

Ok, so once i’m done uploading how do I hide or get rid of the video I’m finished with ? I want to start something else now. Thanks

musikgirla says:

I am trying to copy the effects/corrections that I have applied to a scene and paste the exact ones on another. I think I could do it with previos versions but not with this one. Am I missing something?

Nathan Oakley says:

Really helpful.


Hi experts Is there anyway of enlarging or bring closer some shots that have been transfered onto DVD from Cine and are now in Pinnacle for cutting etc

Susan Wolfe says:

Can u please make a tutorial about how to make photo slideshows? I’m having a heck of a time, I’m sure you have seen my posts on Googles Pinnacle users I received Pinnacle 18 Ultimate for Christmas and I wish they could have made 18 like 15. 15 was so nice and easy! Also I have iTunes and a file saved for that am I able to use this for my music when I make slideshows? I did with 15! I don’t make these slideshows to post I make them for friends and family! Hope to hear back from u soon, oh and I don’t want to use smart movie I want to make these on a timeline, that way I can use titles and the transitions and effects!

Marvin Barnes says:

Maliek, I am editing a long video with multiple segments. I have set markers on the time line but if I have to clip out a small segment of video the markers don’t stay synced with the video. I have red somewhere you can set markers using the effects editor. Can you help me please?

Studio99 HRS Production says:


Vic Meli says:

Sincere thanks for y6our very informative video.

Rosifer 64 says:

Is there so much of a difference between 18 and the 19 editions?

John Adams says:

PS 18 is one of the buggiest programs I have ever seen. It crashes and malfunctions frequently. Is 19 any better? Are there any fixes?

It'sBoshyTime! says:

I’m trying to add titles/text to the top of my screen doing certain points of my video, and it does work, but when I go to play the video over on the right side of the screen where the sample video comes up, the playhead skips to the point where the text transitions in and stays there. It doesn’t play or anything. Help please, I really want to use this for editing videos

kev kas says:

hi, on pinnacle 15 I did right click to a video and chosed 16/9 or 4/3 directly…. very easy to change my 4/3 video clips to 16/9. but in 18 I can’t do the same…:(

elcarryfilms says:

thanks man even i don speak inglis a lern just achin what you don thins thanks again


Can you plz explain me how to do time lapse in pinnacle 18 ultimate?

Billy Ech says:

I need help please, I have studio 18 when I drag a video clip to the timeline then drag the corner to create a fade transition the next video starts off in a pause mode then starts up after the transition has completed. How can I correct this? I want all the videos on the timeline to play during the transition fades! Thank You Billy!

fernando escobar says:

I don’t recomended this program is a shame!

MOMS says:

Can you create your own transition ?

For instance, I do machine work so can I take a picture of a milling bit and then have it rotate somehow or would I need to make a video of it rotating and then insert it ? Thanks

Drew Kaplan says:

Is there any way to save presets for the CPU Color correction/Enhance or a way to copy corrections to correct multiple clips? I need to change 100 clips Auto White Balance, Auto Color and manual Vibrance, Clarity and Haze all the same. I can’t find it anywhere and it would seem to be something we’d all like to be able to do.

MOMS says:

I made a dummy mistake like others probably have, “I filmed the video upside down”. Is there a way to rotate the video before I place it in the timeline ?

draco555 says:

Thanks for posting this video, man. It’s just what I needed. I’d been using Studio 14 and know it like the back of my hand, but was having trouble figuring out Studio 18. Didn’t know it’d be so different.

Dan Reed says:

Damn, I wish I spoke Greek because that’s all I can hear. I guess this stuff is just way over my head. I hate to think that I am less than basic. Now I’m bummed.

Jeff Bryant says:

When I try to add text, this is what I get. “Default title wasn’t found in the installed content. Title Editor can’t be opened.” What is going on?

israpazh says:

Great video and wonderfully edited… Need some explanation on how to frame (mask) a video using vector graphics (not going out from pinnacle, but drawing graphical frames to run videos inside them. I mean – not rectangles but frames from splines.

CristalChic says:

The sound in my video is normal but the video is fast. HALP

Jack Plus Jill says:

Just wanted to say thanks for providing us with an informative and straight forward tutorial. We appreciated it 🙂

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