Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate – Basic Editing Beginners Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate basic editing beginners tutorial will get you up to speed on how to use the software. Our tutorial helps you learn all of the editing tools so you can use them to improve your workflow and your videos.

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Lucidix says:

it’s going too fast :c

tony thelma says:

thank you for reply—-if I do get something i’ll be looking at you for tutorials

Woodrow Cook Jr says:

pinnacle studio ultimate 19.5 have trouble starting up in windows 8.1

MediGG says:

I have pinnacle studio 19 and when I load a 20 minute long video I can only watch and edit the first 4-5 minutes of the video , why is that? 🙁

Sinan Subasi says:

amk programini bu dallamadan baska anlatan yok mu ya. says:

your videos are so boring

SnowWalker says:

I bought Pinnacle 16 a few yrs back and it worked just fine for a long time but then my PC sort of crashed and I had some technicians work on it and they recovered everything. Everything worked fine except Pinnacle. It kept telling me that the OS has been upgraded since it was installed and that some of the programs features might not operate correctly and that they recommend a reinstall. So I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it just keeps telling me the same thing, over and over again. It’s the only program that won’t work on my PC. Do you have any idea why I can’t get this program installed properly and running again?

simplyconnected says:

19 is totally different in many keyboard shortcuts from earlier versions. This vid helped me understand ‘grab frame’ as it was called. Definitely more powerful but a whole lot more complicated from earlier versions. Thanks for the vid.

MediGG says:

I made a 720P video with Nvidia Shadowplay , converted it to constant frame rate but when i load the video on the pinnacle studio its quality is very bad , can you help me please 🙁

Woodrow Cook Jr says:

Hey Maliek!  I am a Long time Pinnacle user I purchase Panasonic AJ-PX270 video camera type card Micro P2 64 GB Compact Flashcard…. Not able to import the contents folder in to Pinnacle.. My only option is to drop the Audio and Video folder separated .  I  to spend so much time checking for the correct audio to match correct video clip ……Do you have a suggestion to help to resolved the problem…? Is Panasonic Micro P2 Compatible for Pinnacle Studio 19.5 Ultimate……?

AydenB12 says:

it shows my video as locked ? can you help me

Faewulf says:

This sucks. It never loads. I spent so much money on it. I have a new laptop. It’s Windows. And Pinnacle loads, then crashes and says “this file is nonexistent.” :I

John David says:

I bought Studio 20 recently only to find out that it does contain “Mark in” and “Mark out” buttons. are not available in Studio 20. I can’t find the Trim Mode Button in Studio. Therefore I am having problem trimming or cutting. Can you help?

Ch Ek says:

Hi Maliek. Your tutorials are really good guides to using Pinnacle Studio software.
I wonder if you know a method to delete a single frame easily.

I have a clip where only one frame has turned flesh tones to blue.
I could use the trim tool to split the video either side of the bad frame then re-join them, but I’m wondering if there’s
another way. In Virtual Dub for instance, you can just hit the delete key to remove the frame.

propman4 says:

Thanks for the great Tutorials! I’ve used Pinnacle for several years and never had a problem with my video imports being in order. But now with Pinnacle 19 my imports (from a single shoot that may have 25 inputs from one camera) are all mixed up and not in numeric order. I’m sure there is a simple answer but I can’t find it. Can someone HELP!

junctioner says:

The worst video software on the market. I bought it, had countless problems that the help and support agent did not resolve. Therefore £50 wasted. Avoid this software.

Rebel Studio's says:

Hey. I was wondering if i could make a .PNG move over another. I like to do this for a logo movie. for ex. my profile picture is made op 2 transparant picturs. can the dollar fly away?

The Downunders says:

Love it! Thank ye, Capt’n!

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

I cannot locate in preferences how to set for numerical saves such as every two minutes etc. Can you help me?

EV Sceptile says:

Thanks for the video, the intro killed me though “it’s me ya boi”

Robert Dumoulin says:

Hi Maliek how you doing, my question is how to register my music whit my keyboard in my computer. My keyboard is Yamaha 750 whit all hdmi connection. Witch program to use to register my music. Thank you in advance. PS your tutorial are amazing.Thank you.

Salem77k says:

Another question if you don’t mind, I have hi8 cassettes and I transferred thim using pinnacle studio into mpeg files. When I edit this clips again I noticed that they loose some of the original quality. The quality after transfer is 720 × 675 .The quality after editing is 650 × 450 for example. So how can I render the same clip with the same quality ? I wish that understood my question. Help me please.

Quintimojo says:

I recently purchased the Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate software so it’s good to know I have a place to help me along in my learning process.

Patricia Amaro says:

Me gustaría poder verlo en español,

Le Babach'ti w/ CatCoX says:

thank you so much man I love you :DD +1 sub

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