Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate | Effects Editor Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate effects editor tutorial takes you on a guided tour of the available effects in the effects editor section. Maliek Whitaker shows you how to get to the effects, tells you about the each effects section, and gives you an explanation of the options available within some of the effects. The effects shown may not be available in Pinnacle Studio plus or basic. Also, even if you are using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Red Giant may not be available if you did not have it previously on version 17 or 18.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Muhammad Nadeem says:

Sir Your are great…….I have a question about …. How to make ANYTHING React to Music & Audio in pinnacle studio 19…….Please guide in regard…..

Alessio M says:

wow quanti add-ons come posso farli per averli anche io ?

miguelangelcativo4 says:

hi Maliek. as always your videos are great. Do you have one on transitions for ultimate 20? It’s just that some transitions are faster than others. is there a way to control the speed on the transitions?

Graham Wilson says:

Hi, can I pixel out faces, licence plates etc with version 19.5?

Mr Nate says:

Do you have any tutorials on audio overlap? thanks!!

Studio Bright Producao Nivaldo says:



I need to make soccer videos and i want to put all these informations about the players , teams , score , time counting , statistics … i found some but it is after effects ……

Michael Bathan says:

Is it possible to add an effect to multiple clips at once?

CRG says:

Do you know how to add effects on texts? Im really stuck!

Dustin Campion says:

taking videos from iphone sometimes makes video go in slow motion. Audio is fine but what am i doing wrong with video?

Mati12ful says:

hi can i make this things in pinnacle studio ? if yes can u give me a advice or show me the video how to make this ? thank u

Cameron Adams says:

love this bro bless you man!

Perry Yee says:

Can you do body doubles?

MegaFit0021 says:

Thank you!  your channel has shaved years off the learning curve for editing

Daniela mini says:

I was thinking – is it possible to make it snow over my video in studio 19?

ImThatKid says:

my effects editor is super slow and i know my pc is up to specs? help

ItzFrankie Coloured says:

Duuuuuudeee, Thanks !!! you are awesome..

mygame595 says:

hi. if i buy a camera that is the PAL system can i edit the video in pennicle studio? also if i use it then put that video with video from my other cameras will it work to play as one video once edited?

Andy Van Horne says:

Thanks for all the great videos Maliek. they really come in handy and I refer to them often since I’m not one to read the manual.  I have a question though. I didn’t not know that all the past special effects could only be carried over from previous versions and were not in the add on packs. I have been a pinnacle user since Ver 11 and Vitascene. I still have all my copies of the installs and add-ons and plus packs that I have bought except for the ver 17 which you know had red giant. I was wondering why they took it away in 18 and could not figure it out.   Do you think I could contact Pinnacle or digital river and see if they can locate my original order so I could buy the media again?  I have an old project that I need to update and it uses Red Giant features.
Thanks, Andy

Khenikandza says:

Thanks for bringing a good mood along with video tutorials 🙂

VINCE Make Life Good says:

Hi. Can you tell me how to force rending. I know it happens in the back ground. But there are times I want to force it to render, like when I add something in the middle of a video I am working on. Because when I try to see it doesn’t show.

Conner Hawkins says:

Hey! I love your channel; I have one question, is it possible for me to zoom in on an object and track where it goes (like if you hit a tennis ball and want to zoom in on it as it flys). Of course, it will be low resolution, but that would make it funny.

Dag Gunnar Brekke says:

HELP – some of my video doesn t show anymore when I try to show in the Project – WHY ??

Jack Rader says:

You know how video and photo taken with an Iphone in protrait mode give the two big black areas left and right. Well we need to know how to do a PIP with a expanded blur background like you see on thTV news.

Guenter says:

Can you please do a Tutorial how you do the red arrow in your tutorials video for Pinnalce Studio 18&19

Charlie Sill says:


videorod says:

Good information and I have a question, is there a way to fix a blurry video, it was shot in low light.

Grampa Joe Nowosielski says:

Enjoyed this, but do you have z tutorial on using the audio effects? I want to apply effects at many different places in a video segment and I cannot figure out how to start and stop the effects. (Audio)

Delbert Evans says:

Maliek, I purchased Pinnacle 16 and upgraded to 16 altimate. However, I lost the install software due to a computer crash. Can you tell me how to find a copy of all three versions. I have versions 14 ultimate, 19.5 ultimate, and last 20 ultimate installed on this computer. I never had a chance to use the 16 versions—I had 4 operations on my left leg. By the way, you are very good with your teaching. I have my serial numbers saved with Microsoft Word. Look forward to hear from you.

Phil Ster says:

Is there a way to fade in a video clip without using transitions? Like to turn on the opacity over time, or through an effect?

Sinsdad says:

Hey there. Enjoying watching your videos on the Pinnacle Studio products. You touched on what I was looking for here. I had Avid studio which had red giant plugins attached to it. These gave the ability to add certain film looks as you will know. Are you able to tell me how to migrate that program so it appears as an add on for Pinnacle 19 Ultimate? Ive had to get assistance from Corel over the past few weeks as Pinnacle 19 Ultimate has been causing problems with error codes and alike. Any help would be great. Mike from New Zealand

worldofbraiding says:

Thanks for this video. PLEASE tell me what settings you have for your camera to achieve the natural look about your video. I am just starting out in videos


maliek!!!!! can you show how to be in two places at one time on a scene. basically having a twin talking to you.

junctioner says:

The worst video software on the market. I bought it, had countless problems that the help and support agent did not resolve. Therefore £50 wasted. Avoid this software

Beastly G2000 says:

last time i looked at this i was thinking about getting this program but already had it lol. but your videos are vary helpful. thanks for this.

Nigisti Berhe says:

Excellent, thanks for every help

Curtis Hill says:

how do I delete multiple effects at once? I highlighted all and tried to right click and delete all and it only removes “all” effects from the clip you right clicked on, not the entire project.

Camisboss999899 Spark says:

Hey bud

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