Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate | Karaoke Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate karaoke tutorial shows users how to use the title editor in Pinnacle Studio to create awesome sing a long videos. In this tutorial Maliek Whitaker shows you how to use text layers to make a cool an effect where the text changes colors as the words to a song are being played. He also discusses how to change the background to a color or add a picture or video to the background. This will allow you to make a karaoke video for any song you want. All you need is the lyrics to the song and Pinnacle Studio Plus or Ultimate. In this video we show the tricks and tips to create an awesome finished video. This fun and lively tutorial will have you creating professional karaoke videos in minutes.

Pinnacle Studio Title Editor Tutorial –

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Mihai Mihai says:

You are the gratest! Its amazing how You explain!

Patrick Laffey says:

Great Job

storminswanson says:

maliek — thanks ever so much! you’ve saved me so much time yet again. check out my music video made to commemorate my upcoming flight (march 2017) on NASA’s SOFIA aircraft —

Noel Bornales Jr. says:

Thank you for the video man.

Sarah Lin says:

thaanks for singing for me

微笑人形 says:

Can Studio 20 edit Karaoke?

Fisher Man says:

Hi Sir, can you make a tutorial of Lyric Videos with Text and song synchronized. Thank you.

H.LEET says:

Hello, could you make another karaoke tutorial with the new features of pinnacle studio 21 ?
I have tried to make a one-line karaoke with the new feature of keyframing about everything into the timeline… but how could I make it for multi-line karaoke ? should I just copy/past to a whole bunch of tracks ? (this solution would be a mess on the timeline)
you can watch my result filmed with the live screen capturing software bundled with pinnacle :
I used the “cropping left” property, maybe you have better solution ?

Nathan Oakley says:

Hi I just got Pinnacle and have made a couple of videos but I’m finding it hard. What’s the best video to give me a basic overview of how to use Pinnacle?

Matteo's Drone says:

13 minuts to say nothing

Tanner Boyle says:

Haha can’t wait to buy that on iTunes!

Patti Roberts says:

Awesome video, Thank you!

Point Of Art says:

Absolutely up to the mark. “Par Excellence”. Liked & subscribed.
Wish you could also show us how to make a karaoke song. Checked most of it on YT but none of them seem working

Mati12ful says:

what web site can i download for free for only free trial ? i want to try

Dv8 Coventry says:

Really helpful and you have no idea how much I will use this in what I do. Thank you! I’m sorry if you’ve been asked this question a lot but …… what software do you use to create your tutorial videos? Thanks again! 😉

The Comedian says:

Ok so I deleted render files and renamed. I also changed my framerate from 50 to 30. Should I wait for everything to process (It’ll take years) or can I just start the export?

Would that transport stream work well with a 73 minute movie or should I use a different preset?

Андрей Лавринович says:

Спасибо, бро! Выручил!

Ka Ying Lee Channel says:


Fleder says:

Hi there and thank you for your great tutorials. Do you think you could also do a tutorial on how to do these jumping dots above the words on subtitles that are also used on karaoke? That would be great. Thanks.

Jenn Custer says:

Wow Awesome THANK YOU!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to add lyrics to a video for years in Pinnacle Studio!  Thanks Again.

微笑人形 says:

Thanks karaoke Good!!

Lexx Nat says:

Оказывается всё не так сложно. Главное терпение и желание. Спасибо большое.

Mario with the :D says:

I clicked on the thumbs up immediately after the introduction song xD

Mario with the :D says:

Is there a way to add entire movie subtitles in pinnacle? Because in a subtitle software called “subtitle edit” there is the possibility to convert subtitles files from srt (the most common subtitle format) to “pinnacle studio” but I never been able to understand how it works, do you know how to add subtitles already existing in pinnacle so you don’t have to do the hard work typing and syncing each words?

Anthony Pierre says:

I checked iTunes and still waiting for the song!! Great job again showing how the title editor can do a lot of different things.

Mati12ful says:

how to make a karaoke version when the worlds from the song going fast and then slow ?

Becoming An Expat says:

i can’t hear the music…

MOMS says:

I have some short clips I want to make an Introduction video out of. I also previously recorded a short song “just lyrics” that is kind of a parody of a song and I would like to add the song to go along with the clips.
Is this something that is similar to your karaoke tutorial or more similar to a voice over or ?

I also need to know how to kind of time it all out so the words go along with the video.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks M.O.M.S.

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