Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate – Project Bins Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Project Bins tutorial shows you how to use project bins to import and organize your media assets. The feature makes it easy to bring only the files you need into one location. There is no need to enable Watch folders when the project bin feature is being used. The tool will add a professional workflow to the editing process. This video has all the tips to help you learn how to use the Pinnacle Studio 19 project bin feature.

Pinnacle Studio 19 Plus and Ultimate Revealed

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John Buck says:

Hi My Man what is the definition of a project bin and a collection, when should each be used?

RainingMetal says:

I’m doing many videos at a time. This creates a lot of folders in the Project Bin that I don’t need anymore. Is there any way to clear the Project Bin and start fresh? I don’t want to delete the files from my computer, I just want to de-clutter the Project Bin.

Kevingastresurrected Productions™ says:

Thank you so much! I never knew about this! This helps out alot!

Top10 Bluebuzz says:

Please Sir, Wht could be the problem Sir, my progrm show red on top there,but i can see yours shows blue color whenever you select projct bin etc……

James Myers says:

My files were a mess until I found this video.

Veikra says:

How does one deletes a project bin?

BigRenman says:

I don’t know who you are, but you are a life-saver. Great program, really well done…. Thanks……

Ebrahim Khatry says:

i m a fan of pinnacle but since studio 16 i m hav problem of NGE stoped working which is making me to hav other software if u hav solution than i dont want to change

Michael'sVideoProductions says:

how to delete video from studio pinnacle 19

Heidi99 says:

hey Kevin just a question if you made a Movie in Pinnacle 19 I exported my movie to a disc.  I saw a few mistakes I would like to take care of but I can not find the movie or project.  Can you help me

i says:

is there video that show how to add a photo you took in to the the edit. what do photos and a video

John Roberts says:

Figured out how to rename a Project Bin.

Breanna Deets says:

I don’t see the blue library library on my fly out…only media bin and others.

Wildwood says:

My project bin isn’t showing any media files!

I’m not freaking out…yet. Please help.

I don’t know if it’s due to my hard drive being at 73% capacity or not (this never happened before).

“Help me’re my only hope!”

Bernie Cruder says:

Would you know if I upgrade to Pinnacle 19 from Pinnacle 18, would my Red Giants plugins be brought into Pinnacle 19?

Alia alias says:

Thanks, I always wanted to know how to create project bins for quicker video making. Otherwise I’m looking around for a file that wastes time. Thnaks.

Carlo Doolaard says:


John Amorosano says:

I have Pinnacle Studio 16 and I’ve recently started shooting video in 60 FPS. 16 allows me to bring the footage in onto a 60 FPS timeline, but not export in 60 FPS. I always export into a MOV. file, but it always renders it in 30 FPS and never gives me the option for 60 FPS even though the timeline is 60 FPS. My question is, does Pinnacle Studio 19 allow to export in a MOV. file with a 1080P 60 FPS setting? I would like to know before I purchase it… thanks for any help.

Anthony M says:

Can you do a Video / Or do you have a video that describes Main Library vs Compact Library and how to use them? I was reading from the book you recommended (Pinnacle Studio 19 … Revealed) Page 118… that I can not include any video’s / photos and audio files in any project if it isn’t already in the Library. I thought if I had it in the Project Bin that was good enough. Can you please explain this. Thank you.

Paul Lawerence says:

This is a straightforward clear and concise tutorial. Well presented! Thanks!

Scott Benjamin says:

That will be a great time saver for my next project, thanks! I also just ordered the book, as much as I like watching your video’s the book should answer questions I didn’t know I should ask.

Bright Ideas LED Sales says:

Thank You in advance,
I have three hard drives in my new pc.
1 ssd 512 mb
2 x 1tb 5900rpm slower drives
What drives should I use for locations in set up
Thank you once again

Brian Westmoreland says:

Maliek, I’ll stick with the PS 19 book.  B4 ya know it there will be a 20, 21, or 22.  You KNOW I’ll be updating!  Thanx for the help!

mygame595 says:

I want the project bin named the sky is the limit gone

Anthony Pierre says:

A great, simple to follow tutorial that explains it all! And Jeff Naylor is someone highly respected in the Pinnacle world. He has authored many books and knows his way around Pinnacle. He also knows about editing being a professional editor.
Highly recommended.
I can’t for the life of me see how anyone can give this tutorial a thumbs down…. they must edit with Windows MovieMaker…

John Roberts says:

Great tutorials, well presented. But, my Rename Project Bin does not work

Kevin Close says:

How do I delete multiple or all project bins as once? Every time I imported a video, it created a new folder with a date. It only allows me to select one at a time and delete and would take me a couple hours to do this.

nmsidewinder says:

Do you have a video yet on how to create ” studio project Packages ” ?
Or does the same concept apply as with creating a ” project bin ” ?
Thanks… good videos :o)

Now Boarding says:

Thanks so much guys for the reply. I might have to upgrade if you keep teasing me. Lol

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