Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate – Slideshow / Montage Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate slideshow montage tutorial shows you how to make a slideshow using photos or videos with Pinnacle Studio. This fun and lively tutorial will have you creating professional slideshows and montages in minutes. Any pictures and video clips that you have will be transformed into a wonderful presentation with minimal work on your part.

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Intro Music
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

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Slideshow Music
Title: Family Portrait
Composer: Alex Davis (ASCAP)
Album: BackTraxx1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music Inc.

This song is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Enduro Hunter Compilations says:

Hey PinnacleStudioPro do you how to zoom in the Timeline?

Bernie Cruder says:

Your the best!! Thank you

Matthias Buesing says:

I would love to delete 1 or 2 sections within a montage. Isn’t there a way to do so? For example I have a montage with 5 sections (1-5) and I only need 3…?!

John Galt says:

Tanks for your work, you helped me a lot. Cheers from Brasil.

Jana Warren says:

I may have missed it, but I have two questions. 1. How do you set the aspect ratio so that all photos are imported and “fit” properly into the video. 2. In the old pinnacle studio, you were able to edit the “smart movie”. I can’t seem to be able to edit the smart movie in my Pinnacle Studio 18. I can render it with the “fit photos”, but then it won’t pan and zoom. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Bagel Punch says:

Pinnacle Studio Pro. I’m having quite a lot of trouble editing one of my gaming videos in Pinnacle studio 19 ultimate. When I would take one clip, and I want to skip to another part of the clip to erase any boring parts, I would make a cut in where I want the clip to end, and another cut where I want the other part of the clip begin. Then i would delete the space in between the two cuts. Heres where the problem begins. Now I have two clips of the same video, and it goes from one part to another. What happens is when I watch video, and get to the cut, any audio in that part of the video is erased, and no sound is heard for a couple seconds. Please Help! Sorry if the comment is a bit long tho.

Maor Barhoum says:

I have Tried to put picture in the slideshow but when I run it I saw that the pics not fit with the template …
can I adjust the size of the pics without using other software ? Tnx,

shooterbro2008 says:

you can do that with video clips to right ?

Ann Creek says:

I need help!! I am doing a montage in the Tribute template. All the pictures have a green tint to it and I can’t get rid of it. The pictures don’t have a green tone to them.

Ann Lewis says:

Can you slow down all the pictures in the Montage or just the last one? eg if there are 4 slots for photo’s is it just No 4 that you can slow down or speed up or are you able to adjust each one to your liking?

John Henry's Hammer Open Mic - First U says:

Help! Question! Having serious problems with Pinnacle Studio 19. After last update, program freezes and frames go to black enough times to make me wanna hollar!! Have deleted program (3 wks ago) and reloaded. Most of the freezing has stopped, but now the frames going to black is becoming constant! Even using the picture feature show the frame in black!!! What’s up; what can I do?? I’m in the middle of a project. Thanks in advance, L.F.

Joshua Mowrey says:

sir every time I put a picture into the montage feature that I am choosing, it increases the size of the picture, how do I fix that????

Frans Vogels says:

Tnxs Fvtv Deurne

Carlos Alvarado says:

hey Maliek i have a problem with mine. when i upload the album montage and i add the pictures and creates them and too old 3D with the red and green color. Why?

Cindy Adorante says:

Can I add more montage frames to the timeline for lots of pics?

AnnaNas1204 says:

Question; Is there an option to shoot your desktop in Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate?

Robert Dumoulin says:

Hi Maliek i just want to créate a dvd whit my film how to do taht simply please.

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

I use some of this on my new teaser for my channel but I mix tham more together and I think looks cool if you find same time have a look on that and let me know what you think will mean so much for my

And that’s for good job you are doing

N. N. says:

Now i will use some of them in intros. Thanks you a lot!!! Waiting for a new tutorial!

Jennifer Cove says:

How do you increase length of a montage? I can’t find the option. I have 10 minute videos that I want to play all the way through in a montage…?

Jamaal S says:

is there any crop option but I put pics in. but it cuts off our heads

Joseph Ruiz says:

The montage theme drop zones orientation is landscape and I have yet to see any in portrait. I understand I can edit a picture so it will fit correctly, but it would be nice to have themes with portrait orientation to make it easier. It would even be better if Pinnacle included an edit mode within the montage to change or rotate the orientation. Are there any montage themes I can download with portrait orientation? Is there a site for free montage downloads?

Ben Jacquez says:

how do you size your pictures in the montage

GeorgeTG says:

HELP PLEASE! I can’t import my footage. It wont work! Help?!

Iconic Games says:

Honestly, I hate pinnacle. I have 19 and it just keeps blacking out, crashing, going slow or fast for no reason (in the preview thingy). I think im gonna go to sony vegas to save a lot of time.

Robert V says:

Why does the Montage skip going to the third picture on the part A and then skipped over photo two on part B?

C & M Motoring says:

Hi, I have been using Studio 12 & 15 and really struggling with 19.  How can you pan/zoom your photos to add to your montage? I used to do this in my timeline then easily drag and drop into the montage but as 19 is so difficult now, I cant find anywhere to add effects to my photos to use in the montage. Please help

Pietro Comes says:

Would be a laptop with Intel® Celeron® Processor 1000M (2M Cache, 1.80 GHz, and RAM 4GB) enough to work with Pinnacle Studio 19?

Memory Lane Videos says:

I’ve been hoping for a tutorial on montages. Great job, of course. If you put video clips into the montage you could make a really good youtube channel trailer! Keep them coming!

Dan Losch says:

I have opened up my Montage and the backgrounds seem to be purple and discolored in general.  What could be wrong?

Robert Dumoulin says:


Anthony Pierre says:

Love it! I always use a motion background with my Montage themes. Also, maybe next time, you can show how to add Scorefitter to the video!

TyrekJacksonRecords says:

I have pinnacle studio 20. I installed a heart montage and twice during the montage, it quickly show (in and out) the video edited in the track below it as the montage is fulfilled… is there a reason for this, can this be resolved?

R Davies says:

Which video should I watch that will show me how (when making a slideshow or video) to get rid of the spaces between several clips at once…snug them up. Like after changing the duration of 50 photos as a group? Thanks

Maor Barhoum says:

will try , many thanks


I just bought Pinnacle 19 after using 15 for a long time. I do NOT like 19 at all. I don’t like the project bins, the layout, and I don’t like the timeline. I REALLY don’t like the effects, and how they hold your hand. I feel like 15 nailed it with the effects and keyframes, etc. But I had to upgrade because 15 just doesn’t have the export capabilities anymore. Example: 60fps capabilities 🙁

Otto Oome says:

Love this tutorial!
I got a question: How do you switch the 3D off from a montage?
And this while you create the montage…
Not while rendering, this I all ready found.

Mike Mason says:

Dude….. i bought this so i could make simple slide shows…. i did the slide show, but all the pictures that i had scanned for the slide show are to big, they dont fit in the appropriate fancy windows that the montage settings have, they are all to big…..Is there a aspect ratio button or a fit to screen or stretch to fit button on this program somewhere? how do i make them fit in the windows of the picture frames that are in Album and Album 2, thanks, Mike

Track848 says:

Thanks Maliek! Now I have another new toy to explore… this one looks fairly easy.

Miss Cacahuète says:

good video 😀 that could be cool a video where you show how you do the end of your videos or how we can do a pretty title.

Patrice Humbert-Droz says:

Merci pour votre humour…. MONTAGE!!!!!

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