Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate | SmartMovie Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate travel SmartMovie tutorial will show you how to create a great looking movie in minutes. The SmartMovie feature is found under the Organize tab. Once there you can add media assets to the SmartMovie timeline by dragging them from the media library. You can access media from each tab, open a new tab, or import media from a connected hard drive. After all the media is added you can select how long you want the media to show up, how you want the assets to pan and zoom settings, arrange the order of the media, and more. Once the video clips and pictures / photos are added you can select music to add to the video as well. Trim the music as you like or make the media last as long as the music. When everything is setup as you like it you can choose to send the SmartMovie to the full featured time line to do more editing and add more effects or you can select to export the video. This is a simple and cool way to make great looking videos for any occasion. This video will help you create professional videos using Pinnacle Studio.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Dan Losch says:

I needed this about three months ago.  I taught myself how to use it.  However, this is an excellent video for newbees.

jack1gid says:

Please, how do I make my work render faster or render underground? (Pinnacle 19) Thank you

Eman Angel777 says:

hi. Pinnacle Studios 19 has a problem when I need to edit a long video the longer the video is the more out of sync the video and the audio gets and I have checked the video standard and it fits almost perfectly with the video itself and can you help and I’ve had this problem for a very long time can you tell me how to fix it thank you

Shawn Driscoll says:

I upgraded from Ultimate 12 to Ultimate 20 just now, and found that the Pan & Zoom feature of SmartMovie no longer does random Panning & Zooming for photos. It only does a slow zoom out for each photo.

Anyone know of a fix for this?

Rob Robertson says:

Great video

Kyu says:

Thanks you’re awsome

NotByIntent Photography says:

I’ve become an instant fan. And you’ve saved my some big head-scratches.

Dan Yodice says:

great info on smart movie feature

Greger Bussler says:

2 questions; I experience that PS 20 will starts to analyze the content and then nothing else happends. Almost as the comp freezes. Anybody else with the same XP?

I used PS 10 years ago but I don’t remember the version. In that version you were able to use different “skins or themes” in the smartmovie; short clips if the music were like rock or hip hop. You could also choose black/white and sepia.

Anybode knowing about this in current version?

Tedd Rankin says:

DUDE thank you. What program are you using for the arrows and screen capture?

karabo maba says:


greg tutko says:

how do you add that cool spinning you tube sign in at the start of the movie and the globe

Tesla Racing Channel says:

Subscribed after watching so many of your video’s lol. Quick question, have you experienced after rendering a video you get random popping/ cracking sounds. It has it in my last video at 1:35

Dutch Bushcraft Knives says:

Hey mate, I like your tutorials. There is one thing I can’t find anywhere on the internet (probably because I’m not english and do not use the right terms). I hope you can help me. I’d like to apply and effect like noise reduction on the audio to all clips on the track at once. It really is a pain doing this on all separate clips. can you tell me how?

David Boneck says:

Man! You saved my day! Fast for memory video, landscape videos, and winter scenes.

Arvid Bjerkholt says:

Hallo again Maliek. I’ll tell you what I did. I installed my old Studio 18U, made my Smart Rocking Movie, exported the film in AVI format, imported it to Studio19U and to my project. It worked out top!!

Mark Teale says:

This version is not as good as the earlier version, which allowed lots of funky themes (fast paced/romantic/old movie) to be created. Are their any developments to bring this back?

Don Morton says:

Need to upgrade mine

Ann Lewis says:

Very good

Anthony Pierre says:

Great video on getting people up and running with Smartmovie! If you have a slide show you want to get out quickly, this is the way to do it!

Vicsys says:

Thanks for the tutorial!
How to apply for a completed movie, “Pan & Zoom” option?

TheYogina says:

I know this question is a little off topic but I just installed the latest updates and now Pinnacle is crashing and acting a bigger fool than it was before. I contacted their customer non service and it’s the usual blow off, generic responses. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the constant crashing? Sometimes the program won’t even open. Thanks

Anti-SJW says:

I smashed your subscribe button, like you asked. But I think I smashed it too hard and I broke it! I’m terribly sorry. I’ll buy you a new one. I feel terrible that I broke your subscribe button by smashing it too hard.

Ian Cash says:

brilliant tutorial as always

James Bordon says:

I have a video file that is longer than an audio file by 1 minute and I know that the audio pitch is the right one so I don’t want to mess with it, Is there a way to shrink the video length on the time line to match the audio length without loosing frames or parts of the video ? PS 19, thanks.

luciano auteri says:

Ciao PinnacleStudioPro, per caso sai quando esce la versione 20 di Pinnacle?

iNoahASL says:

Hey! I got Pinnacle Studio 19 a few weeks ago. I love it! It is easier to edit now. I’m glad with it. Now, I’m working on a short horror film. I’m trying to figure out how to make the screen glitches out. You know, like Paranormal Activity or something where the camera’s screen just glitches out? Is there any effect(s) that makes the screen glitches out? Thanks for reading!

-Noah, the Deaf Filmmaker

AcidGlow says:

I just got PS19 and it can’t open AVI files… but my older version of PS could…. any codec that I have to download or settings to change to make AVI files load?

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

Nice as always

Memory Lane Videos says:

I never have used Smart Movie before, but it looks like it would be good for getting something out in a hurry without sacrificing quality. Thanks Professor! By the way, I WANT those pancakes!

Charlie Sill says:

Maliek…can I create a smart movie in 18 Ultimate? I don’t see a tab for that.

PV Multimedia says:

Help! Been working on a project for two weeks. Now to finish I need to put all the elements and effects from one timeline to the other. First, is there a key stroke that highlights just ONE timeline? If I use control-A all the elements in the program are highlighted. HELP!

Sandro Franco says:

Maliek, how are you? Man, I am a big fan of you…. great videos, tutorials, good sense o humor…. thanks for that!!! Its a pleasure to lear Studio with you…. 🙂 I would like to ask you smth…. back with old Studio versions, the Smartmovie was REALLY smart – creating automatic videoclips using themes, way smarter than the one available at Studio19….. Do you know if this feature will be improved (smartmovie) for Studio20? Or do youi know any other software available to create impressive automatic videoclips? Everytime I edit my movies…. the unselected ones…. I create a smartmovie with those movies, and add it at the end, along with the credits…. I stull have studio 16 (i guess) installed JUST for this purpose, cause the new studio versios stopped doing a good job with smartmovie….. or.. maybe I am doing smth wrong…. can you assist? Thank you Sir, goood job, really! Hugs from Brazil!

Videogaminator says:

My video is frozen at a specific frame when it is being exported, (5833/50293 for example) how do I fix this?


Hello mister INTELIGENTE PINNACLE, I am working against the odds on a personal project and don’t know how to copy the pan zoom efect from one picture to another, there must be a fast way of doing that, I don´t wanna do it one by one, becuase there are more than 100 pictures…….HELP ME PLEASE….. I’ve bought Pinnacle 19

Dereck Mugittu says:

if i recorded my clips with an iphone6, what video standard would that be?

I used an iphone6 to take my footage, however, the clips show terrible quality once imported into Pinnacle. Why is this so…..?

Cassandra Anderson says:

I have Pinnacle Studio 19 and your tutorials have been so helpful, considering I have never done any of this before!  So – thank you!  I have a problem though and the support through Corel is not helping me and I am so frustrated!  I made a video with my video camera – and did about 10 hours of editing in Pinnacle Studio including adding pictures.  I saved the file like I thought I was supposed to do and when I came back to my computer and turned it on, Pinnacle Studio will not bring it up the file.  It says that some of my files could not be downloaded and it only brings up a black screen when I try to bring up the saved file.  Can you please help me??

Val Johnstone says:

I’m enjoying your tutorials. However I cannot find the answer to a problem I have and Corel have not yet been able to assist me. The problem is with Pinnacle Ultimate 21 and which I didn’t have a problem with version 16. If I trim a video section and then close the gap, the other tracks with titles and music do not move accordingly, ie they are now sitting against different video tracks. How can I trim a track and close the gap maintaining all titles and music with corresponding tracks.. I was led to understand that it should happen automatically when in smart editing mode but it is not. Yours assistance would be much appreciated in order to finish my current movie. Val

Arvid Bjerkholt says:

Hi again Maliek 🙂 I’am back to the smart movie templates we had back in 2006. You could really create a lot of funny Smart movies those days. So I just have to ask: Are you the “right” man to bring this wish for those templates  up to the “heads” in Pinnacle? May be they could make a little patch, and send it to the World? 🙂

Troy Rushton says:

cool like this goodness

Ann Lewis says:

can you alter the length of all pictures in montage not just say the last one?

CDW Engineering says:

I have a video from a camcorder and an audio from an external recorder. What’s the best way to sync to the two? It is of a piano recital so perfect sync is important. Now I’m tediously sliding the audio track back and forth manually. Can smart movie help?

Paul McMahon says:

Hi I have ordered Pinnacle 19 Ultimate ,waiting on it ,I watched a lot of your videos and of course I subed too, question, I want to do you tube videos using my Phantom Drone 3 ,Ive been using windows media movie maker ,but its clunky and not what I want.
I was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to video editing cutting the movies and Transitions ?when I video take a movie with my Phantom ,it is all most twenty minuets long so as I can get a lot of video to choose from when making a movie’ so I would like you to show me a movie that you have made or could make using those edits I mentioned above ??? thanks in advance !great videos BTW.

Arvid Bjerkholt says:

Hi Maliek. Thanks for your great tutotials! Some years ago, I think it was in the Studio 9 days, we could make Smart Movies with different “modes”. Old film, Rock film, Pop film and so on. To day we only have this one choice – OR?????

G Tse says:

Thanks for the tutorial!  Its great to see these tips.I would like to know how to TRIM the length of a video ?

The Wright Direction says:

Can i edit a full length movie with this?

jack1gid says:

You are a great guy man appreciate you

Adam Zwierzyński says:

Thank You 😉

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