Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate | Travel Line on a Map Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate travel line on a map tutorial will show you how to draw your travel route on a map using Pinnacle Studio and Paint. In this tutorial Maliek Whitaker teaches viewers how to use Paint to draw a line on a map designating a travel route. Then Maliek brings the map into Pinnacle to get the effect done. He discusses how to use two identical maps and layer them in the timeline. Once that is done he shows you how to use 2D Editor Advanced and keyframes to crop the top layer of maps in order to create movement as if a line is being drawn on the video screen. This is a simple cool effect that can add a lot to your vacation, trip, and holiday videos. This video will help you create professional videos using Pinnacle Studio.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Memory Lane Videos says:

I sure am glad I was able to find my way to this tutorial without having to stop and ask for directions! 😀 I always learn something from you. I never thought about using cropping for something like that! Great Job again!!

Graham Wilson says:

Hi I have Pinnacle 19 Ultimate. How do I get three separate videos on screen to do a comparison of say the video output of three different cameras shooting the exact same scene at the same time?

Minok1217 says:

This is how I did it 15 years ago with much simpler software that came with a DVD burner but this doesn’t work if the travel path isn’t a straight line that goes in one direction only. If the travel path zog-zags back and forth or dies a loop this technique doesn’t work. I’d hales Pinnacle studio had a more advanced solution.

What I’d expected was that you would dis this with a red circle on a title that you keyframes the position movements of (the tip of the red marker ) around the screen. That is doable near as I can tell. The missing part is how do you get pinnacle to not.remove the red it put down, effectively leaving a tail/trace is where the circle has been? If one can do that then you have a general use travel path tracing solution that can do a figure 8 and other paths that can turn back on themselves.

Can this be done in pinnacle studio pro 16?

Karsten Lund says:

Excellent! Just what I needed! Thanks mate

losttourist says:

Perfect thanks for another nice tutorial ! Oh nice song BTW lol

miguelangelcativo4 says:

nice. do you have an intro vid tutorial for ultimate 20.

Jørgen Rishøj says:

Like your training videos. Question: Can you zoom in your video to pinpoint an item?

Hari Anand says:

great tutorial

Birute00 says:

OMG i pulled my hair out last year trying to this do. Thank you Maliek!

Travel Toujours with Gresa says:

thank you 🙂

Greg Morgan says:

very helpful tutorial

Oldman 1 says:

Another GREAT tutorial. But I think you need a new voice coach

Geoff Young says:

Great video. Easy to understand.

Kathy Roberts says:

You are so clever, thank you so much. You make things seem so much easier…

Jimmy Lager says:

That looks like a lot more job than needed. You can just put the pictures after another and use a standard transition moving from left to right instead. Fix done in 5 seconds. 😉

Anne Vollmer says:

Another terrific tutorial. You make things so easy

Trevor Caldwell says:

Well explained – I can use this

Tom M says:

Another great tutorial. keep the good work!

Aaron Goins says:

I have had more problems with Pinnacle crashing after updating the latest patch. I have had to restart Pinnacle 15 times to do one video!! Any recommendation? I have Pinnacle 19 Ultimate

Shinju R says:

how to draw these marking arrows

DiPa Travel Vlogs says:

Awesome, Maliek! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

Terry Caldwell says:

Great video. For a longer application can the progress of a line be synchronized using markers / keyframes. I have a video that I am working on that traces a historical timeline and I need to match the narrative to the progress of the line. thanks again.

Massimiliano Silipigni says:

UUuuuuu, great! Thx from Italy

Edward Altman says:

How do you add your red arrows in Pinnacle studio 20

Anthony Pierre says:

It’s always fun and challenging for me to figure out how you do it before I watch the video! Again, showing other aspects of the program and it’s capabilities that can be used in a lot of other situations. Your imagination is all that is needed!
Another easy to follow video tutorial! Thanks!

Roger Keener says:

HELP……..Meliek……. I assume it is something I’m missing in setup but I do not have a key frames button in the area you show it.

Ger Bouwhuis says:

bedankt voor de tip moest wel 2x goed kijken wat er moest gebeuren.

Henk de Leeuw says:

Thanks for this and other tutorials.
I do learn a lot of them

Gregory Lakics says:

Another great tutorial. Are you from either area?? I’m from the Woodlands…

Tommy Baker says:

I see this is how you get around masking techniques like used in adobe AE.

Drones Morelia - Jorge Fernandez says:

Awesome! Thanks man!

DigitalJeremy says:

Always wondered about this.

As usual, quality info!!

Fernando Fernandez de la Fuente says:

The best tutorials con Youtube about Pinnacle Studio. From Madrid, Spain, thank you for your assistance, Maliek.

Reno Lovison says:

Nice. Instead of using the 2D editor I think you could just use the crop option. Might be less confusing for some folk cause there is not so many options other than crop.

GeoTechKing says:

Gangster Tutorials

Rebel Studio's says:

like your style, nice tricks…

artistmac says:

If you have Adobe Illustrator, it’s a lot easier than Paint or Photoshop both to draw an accurate line and to control the color and thickness.

Il Nerd Ranger says:

Great tutorial! Can I ask you a question? I need to mirror a video.. Can I do this with pinnacle?

Rob Robertson says:

Great video, with some good tips. Just one question if your travel line has to go from left to right and then down the map, how would you do the down part?

Rob Robertson says:

That works, Thanks Maliek. I’m going to add this into my next holiday video :-).

ImaDAD com says:

Good day Mr. Pro. New ? and a feel dumb asking this one. I have been doing youtube videos for some time now on my other channels. ‘ embarrassed, now looking at my feet ‘ . How do you do the Boxes at the end of the video. 12:35 ? I see this all the time but no one seems to say how it is done tips, tricks, Settings etc. etc. Thanks again Eric

steve baker says:

Great tutorial 🙂

Strazman says:

6 people didn’t want to go on a lovely little trip. Also, great and clever idea for drawing map lines.

Quick question for you – is there any way to mask out people against an outdoor background in Studio 19? In other words, think of the opening title sequence in the movie Snatch. I’m trying to essentially extract a character and freeze frame them, and as I do, the background instantly changes to just a solid color background. I can’t seem to find anything in Studio 19 to do this. Again, they’re outdoors on a beach, no green screen or anything. Do I have to upgrade to 20 to get masking?

Bas van den Boogaard says:

Hello, I bought Pinnacle Studio 20 standard edition. Is it possible to create this in my version I don’t have the keyframing button?

Bob McKenzie says:

Another Great One Man — KEEP’M COMING !…. I’m having problem capturing the background map in good enough quality. Was your map from Google, or other application? How did you capture the map in sufficient clarity that it was not blurred when “blown-up” on the ‘big screen’? …. Thanks Again.

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