Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate – Zoom Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio Zoom tutorial teaches you how to zoom in on a subject using Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate. Using the 2D Editor CPU effect one can zoom in and zoom out on a subject in any video clip without loosing video quality. When you zoom in with other tools quality can be lost in the video resolution and it is easy to see through video pixelation. This fun and lively tutorial will have you creating high quality zooms in no time.

Music in this video:

Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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William Kilpatrick says:

Thanks for doing these videos I am used to using 11 having trouble with 19 I don’t like that when you bring a clip down it splits the timeline. All my videos are usually just photos that fade in and out with music. Going to try it with my gopro.

noe estudio neon says:

muchas gracias amigo.

Althea Winchester says:

You’re pretty zoom right in 😉
Thanks for the tutorial dude you rock!

Andy ́s World says:

nice tutorial so i can do that…… thanks….

T L says:

Red Exclaimation Point.

I’m so glad I found your tutorial, i was about to give up. I viewed this zoom one and tried it out with much success on a number of videos.
Today i wanted to edit another one, first thing i noticed was the the selected clip in the editor at the default to no preset moment the video did not enlarge, it’s stayed smaller with a blue gradient border. Selected keyframes and saw one was set at the clip beginning, if i press play here a static pic displays but the audio is correct. If i go to adjust the x-y axis or the size the small static picture suddenly jumps full size but remains static. I tried an experiment of adding a keyframe to zoom too based off the audio i could here, it accepted it but then select OK, as the main screen that selection has a red exclamation point, offers no insight into why it doesn’t work and the video just stops at that passage. Have you had this before ?

Jamaal S says:

how did make that custom intro. I want to make an intro for my YouTube videos. but all the 2d n 3d ones on pinnacle are old n out dated???? thank you

Dan Losch says:

Maliek, I have been a Pinnacle user since v.7.  I recently upgraded from v.14 to v.19.  For me, this was like going fro Junior High school straight to College.  After installing the software my wife asked how I liked it.  I turned to her and said, “I’m lost.”As of today, I have saved not less than 305 of your training videos.  You are a lifesaver for me.  Thank you for what you do for all of us Pinnacle users, especially me.

Alan Aldridge says:

Hi -excellent tutorials thanks.
I would like to zoom inside a fixed smaller window. Smaller than full screen. Is there an easy way to do that?
Can do it by careful size adjustment but tedious.
Thanks. Marmot

Thanshok Ningshen says:

can you please send me the direct download links for version 19 or 20, Sir…I learnt a lot from your video…thanks

Space says:

Really need to sharpen up my editing, your channel is super appreciated! This helped a lot, thanks! 🙂

Cohen Bishop says:

is there anyway to zoom and enhance or zoom and make it not fuzzy or less fuzzy

dennmillsch says:

Good stuff. Thank you so much. I was using the Pan and Zoom Setting and getting this black border all around. The approach you present here is much better. Thanks again.

nahar manas says:

how to speed up video when zoom and zoom out….pls…I want make a dance video so you teach me this takcnic

Miztone says:

Absolutely fantastic explanation. Thank you!

Sensei Grant says:

Thanks Mate. really well explained.

Jos Geerling says:

Just made an upgrade from Studio 11 to 19.5 Ultimate: Superb!!! Learn al lot from the training and tuturials.

Nate Vegter says:

Would be much better if you could have a cropping mechanic and you just drag and shape the dimensions of the box accordingly to where and how much you want the video to zoom in. Really would make it easier IMO.

Tom King says:

Great videos. You are very good at editing, subscribed and thumbs up bro!

Chase Sandman says:

-Thanks Walon, I was stucked in the 14th version of our favourite video editor and since I cleaned up my HD I finally decided to move on to a more modern version. Thank you very much for making these things more simple for people like us! hugs!

Daniela mini says:

I would love to see how you make the red arrows and circles in thees videos

Nepali Boy says:

How can I increase speed in some part of timeline only.

U.F.O. AUDIO ARCHIVE - UFO Sound Effects says:


Gabriel Baker-hunt says:

How do you do it on an iPad

Suzan Mayhew says:

easier than reading the instruction manual. Thanks

Tetres says:

It stays zoomed the whole clip

Kentucky Ranger says:

I’m really getting into this key framing stuff! LOL! It really streamlines workflow, thanks!!!

Shane - HyPerformance Videos says:

Excellent selection of tutorials . Was a dedicated user of Pinnacle 15 and swore I would never go to 19 . Thanks to you , I have learned how to conquer 19 and make quality productions . Malief , you’re the man !!!

Honest Lee Handyman says:

Great video!!!

R S F says:

i have a question,how to change the background video in pinnnacle 20?

YenMeril says:

I have a question! How can you adjust satustration and exposure in Pinnacle studio 19?

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