Pinnacle Studio 20 and 20.5 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]*

[VOICE + TEXT] Enter a new Way of Learning Pinnacle Studio 20.5 and 20 Ultimate by Corel. Corel Pinnacle Studio 20.5 and 20, tutorial for beginners, basics.
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Karlynn MP says:

Can you speed up a clip?

The Tragic Master says:

I want to get Pinnacle Studio 20, not ultimate. I heard it had a few problems such as freezing and sound syncing issues. Have those problems been addressed?

Virgilio Diaz says:

2 ene. 18:21 EST Pinnacle studio 20 ultim.

The monitor or viewer won’t show my video when I play it, what can be wrong? please let me know what to do. Hope you help me solve this problem. Thank you

TwinCraft233 says:

when I try to crop and fill my video it doesn’t show up it is just a grey background and it won’t load

please respond

Pat Marchetti says:

Would anyone know how to transfer an edit currently in progress from 18 Ultimate to 20.5 Ultimate ?

Who The Hell Am I??? says:

as a Beginner Beginner, I actually need to know what it means by serial number, cuz I can’t find it, and then I can start editing soooo……………

rickyanddominic says:

great video just picked up 20 yesterday whent from 15 and there are so many changes it has improved the edits for my future videos for my channel

Roel C Ramos says:

how can I get the time and date on my video

Pietro Comes says:

Hi! Sorry. I have an old laptop with a processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1000M @ 1.80GHz  1.80 GHz. Can my computer support it? Or could I experience problem with the playback?

desi MC says:

Hi! I have a problem with importing video. Pinnacle 20 doesn’t accept any kind of format. Can you help me?

Nihat Ismayilzade says:

“Clear speech sounds” effect which of? (sorry for bad english) pls help me

Wania Praia says:

aprendi muito

TFOU _ says:

thanks you for video !

Luis Miguel Silva says:

Please i need help.
I have 2 pc’s machines and the problem persist:
The pinnacle studio 10, 11, 12, 14, and 17 won´t do a export a movie correctly with menus and chapters, IF i export my project to a DVD format with dual layer !!!!!
If i export to a dvd format to a 4.7 dvd, the menus and chapters are ok, BUT if my project has 2 hours of video and if i export these 2 hour of video with a menu and chapters for a 8.5 DVD DL the chapetrs don´t work correctly or the image is not synchronized with the audio. What can i do?
Does anyone have the same problem?
Please help.

Vis App says:

in pinnacle studio 20 ultimate. i place videos in the second track. they all render perfectly. but when i put a video above it in the track above it wont render at all. can anyone help me?

Utaeru says:

This is easily one of the best video editing softwares around

Jesus Esquivel says:

Hola amigo bai, tengo el pinnacle studio 20 ultimo pero no encuentro como cargar mis vídeos al programa para ponerlos a la linea de tiempo, o como sacarlos de mis carpetas desde el programa, tu ayuda es importante. Gracias.

Dane Reid says:

Reminds me of Final Cut Pro 10 but this will work on PC. It’s easy to use and is very powerful

mang isda says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I’ve learned a lot about the app. Besides Timeline view, are there other view or views in this software? Thanks again.

Ano Nymous says:

help. im new and i’m trying to edit with this program but every time i click on play i only hear the sound of the clip but the program doesnt show the video.

Mickey Jo's Craft Shack says:

Is there anywhere I can buy a book to have a reference to look at after watching your video or videos? I have spent the last couple hours watch PinnacleStudioPro who taught me what each button is for but not really telling me how to do much. So confused. Long story sorry. Had down loaded P 18 over a year or so ago. Then upgraded via download never got upgrade sat on phone several hours with support. Went to Video Maker that was free on my computer. Got Virus, took to microsoft, got fixed no longer ad a video maker program . Tried to get it but was now to confusing on the update. Decided to go back to Pinnacle BUT this time I bought the box. So if I lose it I can reload. I bought Pinnacle Stuido 20 Ultamate. Now I need a video made for a child .lol. Ok your vid is great above. But is there a book too???

Antonio Hammond says:

So, I recently acquired pinnacle studio 20 ultimate for my video editing on my channel, and I have a problem not being able to see the video clips in the timeline and source boxes in the preview sections. Can you help me and tell me what I am doing wrong to help correct this small problem for me?

HoundDogMech says:

Very well put together introduction but Slow down PLZ Things happen way to quickly except for some one that is familiar with this soft ware but a complete beginner get’s lost by the third mouse move. Especially when you verbally refer to some thing like a panel and the beginner has no idea what or where this is or what U are or doing.

mang isda says:

Can you kindly make a short Lyric Video using this software? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Pluck Ewe says:

just subscribed, how do you get to live screen capture?

adonis says:

Can you edit the colours/filters?

white boy says:

why do my videos have a lock picture on them and i cant watch them?

Relax For A While ASMR says:

Hello 🙂 I am using Pinnacle 20 Ultimate for my video editing. Would you be able to explain to me what the “author” icon does located above the navigation section beside “edit” and “organize”. I am not sure what it does? I am new to Pinnacle and not much of an expert when it comes to video editing. So please bear with me LOL Also would you be able to tell me how to implement the “skin touch up” effect found under the NewBlue FX essentials IV? I don’t think I am doing it correct as I don’t really see any change in the preview when I try to apply the effect . Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to edit a video for a YouTube collaboration and I am getting so flustered and feel like I am running out of time for this project 🙁 Thank you! Joanne

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