Pinnacle Studio 20 – How to Apply Effects and Transitions [+ Slow Motion and Keyframes Tutorial]*

[VOICE + TEXT] Discover how to apply Effects, Transitions and Keyframes with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate by Corel. Corel Pinnacle Studio 20 tutorial, beginners, basics.
Full Guide here:
Enable SUBTITLES if you have trouble at understanding the narration. Leave feedback if you can!

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Animum Media Group says:

Cross dissolves are super annoying, the in/out transition thing makes no sense, transitions go on a cut not on a clip. Silly pinnacle

Ioan Grigore Popescu says:

Hi! It is possible to fading from colours to black and white in Pinnacle ?

MBVD Channel says:

Do you know is it possibility to change video speed with keyframes? That from speed a to speed b would be smooth transition?

Fly Mac says:

Thank you

Peter Zimmermann says:


neters panic says:

You talk a lot … but your tutorial is almost useless … we don’t see the effect anywhere … we did not see even the transition ..
This is a disgrace to Pinacle..

som hitanga says:

I cant understand yuu doobed nepali

Foto Kral says:

Hello friend me pinnacle studio 20 can you link me

Ollie Stanley says:

The only video editing I’ve ever done was on studio machines, which involved no software and not many options. So I know nothing about how to use this program. Does anybody have an estimate regarding how long it might take to reach a level of basic proficiency for somebody as unsophisticated as I am? The video did me almost no good as I had no idea what they were talking about. The results looked good, but beyond that I feel dumber than when I began watching the video. Thanks.,..

kev kas says:

plz what computer are you using ? can you give details plz… I tried with 2 computers, windows 7 & windows 10. 16GB ram memory, pentium i7, geforce GTX 760 192 bits… and still not working well. always I have to restart….
you are talking about slow motion…. I cut the clip in the middle to creat just a little part in slow motion, but when I apply it, it is not exactly my chosen part, it’s longer… so the next clip is not continueing the slow motion…. I must adjust manually just the image where the next clip continues…!!!

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

Very glad you changed the tutorial narrators for Bai. The accent of the previous Bai made the tutorials not understandable.

behappy says:

thank you for sharing

snowleopardpawz says:

that wasn’t the keyframing i wanted.
i wanted video keyframing
where the fuck are all of the video’s for keyframing!?

mahatoji video says:

Is any features of joining the two or more clips on timeline?

Dave G says:

Is there a way to JOIN clips? I was trying to apply a wind filter to numerous clips at once. Thanks.

Houndexues says:

also how do u do green screens and muzzle flashes? great video by the way!

Houndexues says:

hey how do visual effects? like explosions and stuff! I cant find a guide for it at all for pinnacle 20, could u help?!

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

Please give us a pdf file of the narration of the tutorials.

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