Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Basic Editing Beginners Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate basic editing beginners tutorial. This Pinnacle Studio 20 tutorial will get you up to speed on how to use the software. Our tutorial helps you learn all of the editing tools so you can use them to improve your workflow and your videos.

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate (Affiliate Link)

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The Tragic Master says:

I heard that my computer would need to be running a program call Direct X in order to have Pinnacle 20 work properly on it?

Ronald Camilleri says:

Hi Maleik, thanks and well done for these videos. I just purchased the Pinnacle Studio 20.5 Ultimate. am trying to find how to manually enhance color, sharpness, gamma etc . I got lost in all the info online but couldn’t find anything about this. Would appreciate your help. Thanks once again

GseWorldwide says:

If you had pinnacle studio HD 15, could you upload two finished videos on these programs and simply string them together to upload to youtube?

J.W. Smits says:

onverstaanbare “slang”

The Tragic Master says:

I know this program has the ability to create stop action with a camera attached but my question is, can I place a series of image files in the timeline in order to create an animation as well? Meaning, can I slim down the image files enough to make the timeline read each picture fast enough to produce an animation? I was able to do this with movie maker but movie maker isn’t what it used to be. I hope this program can do the same.

NinjaChicken says:

Do you need a visa card to activate this? I read this on a reviewer on a website? 😮

Robin Lee says:

Hi, is there a way to cut out a square within the video in Studio 19? For instance, I have a clip that has a counter/timer at the bottom of the screen and I’d like to cut it out.

Hayrettin Subaşı says:

What operating system are you using.
and fully functional if you tell me the names of programs to use?

Chuck Luquin says:

hello there. I have a problem that’s going on I tied to drag my video to pinnacle studio the msg that pops up says cannot import file check the control panel. but on my windows media player displays this msg the selected file has an extension BDM that is not recognized by windows media player. please help me.

Ismellelephant says:

Thanks for the videos. I went from 15 to 20 and I can’t figure out how to subdivide scenes in version 20. In 15 it was just right click the video thumbnail and select subdivide. Is there a video that shows how to subdivide scenes in version 20? Thank you.

Danielle Guinn Norton says:

how do you unclick the video?

Humberto Rangel says:

Maleik, I just purchased Pinnacle Studio 20 and installed it. I got everything down, but my videos don’t show on the top right source screen or on the timeline. There is sound, but no video show. What am I doing wrong?

Antoinette Gordon says:

Just switched from Pinnacle 15 to Pinnacle 20 and I am so lost. I edit for a church and the sermon goes on TV and I really need to get some help. I keep email Corel but they take so long to get back to me.  I don’t work on it every day and when I do It’s a few hours or less. Is there a tutorial out there?  Thanks oh yeah this was helpful but still lost.  Thanks in advance.

david demasi says:

Hey Maleik, I have learned a lot from your videos. Im am an old guy and this stuff is challenging, but you make it easy. I have a tech question and Pinnacle tech support is horrible. Im in timeline mode in the preview window. I hit the play button and the preview window does not play. How do I fix this?

Game Hunter says:

I have taken the pinnacle 20 off and reloaded it 4 times, my import button does nothing…. have contacted pinnacle help line, does nothing…anyone know how to fix this ?

RodVivKids says:

Hi Maleik, how to add hyperlinks inside the video’s? Any way possible? In yours there are too.

Retired in Samar says:

I like your easy to follow videos. I am having a problem with my preview window showing video clips. I can see audio, but no video. Any ideas?

Theresa Varacalli says:

With this software, can you overlay videos (like you see in reaction videos)? Thank you so much!

Bethany Miller says:

if i wanted to cut a commercial out of my show and save it for my next show how would I save just that particular clipped clip?

Troy Pointer Photography says:

Sorry 2 say your program does not talk about anything in relation to High Quality 4K Time-Lapse why ?

Ron Jackson says:


Michal Rymland says:

Thanks so much ! your videos are so helpful !
It is very clear, and covers everything.
I keep looking for your videos whenever a questions comes up, and I always get a good answer as well as learn many new things.
Thanks a lot and keep on your great work !

anne siv sivertsen says:

Thanks for all your super tutorials 🙂 but I have a question: How can I remove “Fisheye Lens” from GoPro Videos in studio pinnacle?

Menno Schreuder says:

Hi, thanks for your great videos!! I have a small question: when importing an image that is smaller than the video (for instance 400 by 400 pixels), Pinnacle resizes it to fit or fill the screen. And I see no way to change it back to the correct size using pixels because resizing is from 0 to 100%. So how do I make it the original size again, 400×400 pixels??

Sanjumon Abdulkalam says:

Thanks Maleik …very helpful, could u pls explain how to make the animated globe effect on ur name … thanks in advance.

DONNA coleman says:

can you use this program to make reaction videos for you tube ?

Hamidah4L says:

I can’t preview pictures on my timeline can you please help..

Racks and Spurs Outdoor Productions says:

could i install this a my laptop and my desktop? how many time can you install it? thanks

Michael says:

Hey Maleik, I found the feature that would work for rig removal in stop motion animation films. It’s called “Magic Fill”. It’s used to remove unwanted objects in a photo, and it’s included in Paint Shop Pro X9, I was wondering if it’s also included in Pinnacle Studio 20.5 Ultimate. Thanks.

mang isda says:

Hi Sir. I just bought Pinnacle Studio 20.5 Ultimate. I’m new to using this software. Could you make a tutorial on how to create a Lyric Video including the following: 1. Putting Beginning and End Markers on a segment of the audio file on the Timeline so that it would be easy to sync the lyrics/text to the audio. 2. How to make the Text snap to the Beginning and End Markers. 3. How to make use of the Audio Scrub feature to find the beginning and end of a segment of the audio file. 4. Keyboard Shortcuts for the Beginning and End Markers. Hope you could grant my request. Thank you very much.

Mickey Jo's Craft Shack says:

Wish you had a Playlist in order starting with what a Beginner does after opening the box and loading it to our computers. Yikes should I say I’m blond lol

Games&Ammo says:

mine don’t say that stuff and wont let me see videos

John Steele says:

Thank You Maliek. I have been going crazy trying to figure this out. With your tutorial I am learning slowly, but I see I should get better. I have the resolution set up, but when I click on navigation, it has no media library option. I have read instructions, but it appears you would have best qualifications to help me personally.I live in Portland Oregon, but may be willing to pay for help. Thank You, Sincerely,  John Steele

M .Astro says:

Does it lag?

NateDogHasPants says:

thanks man cuz i had pinnacle studio 13 ultimate than upgraded with this.

Jeff Tishman says:

I thought you were an idiot at first but I’ve come to love you and your teaching style.

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