Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Bitrate Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate video bit rate tutorial. This tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 20 shows you how to change the bitrate of your video when you export or render it to one of several file formats. Maliek takes you through all of the options of this feature.

Bitrate refers to the amount of data required to encode one second of video or audio. It is usually measured in megabits per second for video and kilobits per second for audio.

Bitrate affects the video quality, the file size, and the bandwidth needed to view the video online. The higher the bitrate the better the quality and the larger the file. Remember, all of this is independent of video codec and resolution which also affect the video quality and file size.

In Pinnacle Studio you can change the average bitrate or the peak bitrate based on the file format you select.

The average bitrate allows the bitrate to fluctuate as high or as low as it needs to for any second of video but the bitrate for the entire file will be the number you select.

Pinnacle Studio allows you to select the average bitrate for the following file formats: DivX, DivX Plus, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2.

The peak bitrate allows the bitrate to fluctuate up to a certain number for any second of the video but the bitrate for the entire file can end up at any number equal to or lower than the peak bitrate.

Pinnacle Studio allows you to select the peak bitrate for the following file formats: Flash, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Sony XAVC S, and Transport Stream.

You will learn how to change the bitrate when you export a file to your computer using Pinnacle Studio 20 ultimate through step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

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Sergy & Apety's God Channel says:

Why do you jumped on Pinnacle Studio 20?

Daniel10Vasilca says:

Hello Maliek !
I have an urgent problem with BITRATE.
I shot with an Sony Nx3 cam at 1080/50p
I want to export my video in h264 , 50 fps and 16 bitrate. But it always export in 8 bitrate. Always. Any settings i used 🙁
I tried to export in 30 bitrate but it stiil exported in 8 bitrate .
What shall i do ? 🙁
Thanks a lot !

Vis App says:

in pinnacle studio 20 ultimate. i place videos in the second track. they all render perfectly. but when i put a video above it in the track above it wont render at all. can anyone help me?

fringestudios says:

I got input 4K format with bitrate 48Mbits/s, why Pinnacle allows me only max. bitrate of 40Mbits/s… and cant get more? Does it mean in the export I got less quality then input file, why?

alloneword154 says:

Why would anyone who shoots in 1920 by 1080 ever export in lower resolutions?

Creative Touches says:

Hello Maliek,Can you please let me know what is the longest time a video can be ran?  I also need to know how come it take so long to render each frame?please help thanksSilver Foxx

Gainstrup says:

I have another question, i have video with a higher than 40 mbit bitrate, how do i save it with this higher bitrate so i dont have to drop it to the seemingly 40 mbit limit in PS20U

renga pillai says:


Jens O. Hansen says:

Hi… I really have some problems when exporting. It is a video taken with a GoPro on a car while driving and it is just perfect as long as it is viewed on the timeline but when finish export to file (MPEG4 / 1080P / 12000 kBits/s / 25 frames / sec) there is a notable small stop every 2 – 3 sec. (like bumps) in the video …. What can be done ?? / Brgds Jens

irina pitman says:

Hi Maliek,Thank you very much for your video, but still I am not clear 100% about it.
My Panasonic Camcorder is set as 1920×1080/50p
When I download my footage in P20 on timeline and look at Display Information of my clip, I see
VIDEO information as:
Codec H 264
Bitrate 25000kBite/s
Colour Depth 16 bit (I don`t know, what is that)
Frames 50 FPS
Interlacing NO
AUDIO Information:
Bitrate 384 Kbit/s
Resolution 16 bit (I don`t know, what is that)
Then, when I go to EXPORT in MPEG-4 format and choose Custom as you suggested,
then under “Advanced” mode I don`t know, what kind of setting I have to choose.
In VIDEO Setting, Frame per Second should be 25 or 50?
It`s come up as 25 as default, but in my clip Display information was 50 FPS, so
what is right for me?
Also do I have to keep Peak Bitrate as 8 mBt/s?
In AUDIO Setting, I still don`t understand, which Sample Size should be chosen: 16 or 8 bit?
And Bitrate, the range of Bitrate is from 16 to 192. Which is right?
I would very appreciate, if you answer my questions as I was looking everywhere
and could not find any answers.

Luis Rodriguez says:

This channel “es muy bueno” thank you a lot!

Chris PurpleHarley says:

Hi Maliek, I got pixel squares in the sky when encoding the video (Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 1060 6 Gb, Studio 20) .. I’ve tried to change / increase the bitrate … no good result !
The same movie encoded on a W7 /Studio 16 had no trouble … could you help me ? thank you

Dante Killey says:

You should do some videos on pinnacle studio 20 ultimate for stuff like best editing setting, best exporting settings, how to use the special effects and the best way to do a time lapse! that would be awesome

Amlan Kundu says:

Hay bro i have a tinny youtube channel will you make a intro video for me please ?

Antking1117 says:

what the best bitrate for 1080 60 fps? for mpeg-4

Jim M says:

Well, it looks like I’ll be the first to give you an answer. I make fishing videos of trips primarily in S Florida. I export all my movies to disk, MPEG-4 at HD1080. I just checked and the bitrate is 12000 for HD1080p at 29.97 fps. After saving the movie to disk, I upload to YT.

The only problem I have sometimes seen in the playback from YT is that ripples on the water surface may appear somewhat blurred. I don’t know if this was an export encoding issue or something created by YT’s conversion of the file to their standards.

Another great video in your continuing collection. Thanks, Maliek.

John Moes says:

Very helpful. thank you !

Richard Lander says:


donniebangout says:

hey guys, I would like to ask how come when i import my movie files they become a red screen and wont allow any playback for editing? everything were working fine just last week…thank you

Desert Dave Woodworks says:

Another awesome video Maliek. Thanks for the great info.

guanters says:

my friend, i have pinnacle 20 and i need 60 mbps in output for my 4k videos but maximum seens to be 40 mbps. Any solutions?

snowleopardpawz says:

Do they go over how to fix the export error? I keep going to export my video and it always has an export error. Always.

Jaime says:

my camera shoots 4k at 150mbs… Pinnacle Studio 20 limits to only 40?? Do I need to use another editor to get higher bitrate??

iNoahASL says:

Hey. A question for you. Is it possible to make a feature film (at least one hour long video) on pinnacle studio 19?

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

What is rack focus?

Danny T says:

what is the difference between the different mpeg videos?

STEVE Bruggenwirth says:

Can anyone help me please? I am creating a movie using Pinnacle Studio 20 using 4k footage from 2 sources – Go Pro (at 25 fps) and iPhone 7 (at 30 fps). When I export the completed movie as an MPEG4 file, either the Go Pro footage or the iPhone footage is smooth – but not both at the same time. In other words, when I render at 25 fps the Go Pro footage is super smooth but the iPhone footage is jumpy. When I render at 30 fps the reverse is true. Now it could be that I will only get a super smooth movie if all the source footage is shot at the same fps. Pinnacle seem to think that different fps shouldn’t make any difference, and they are investigating. In the meantime if someone has a workaround that would be helpful. I have tried playing around with the bitrate – and used a converter to change the iPhone footage to 25 fps – but it didn’t make any difference

Gert Oskar Reitner says:

How to bring in older Plug Ins into PS 21 Ultimate such as NewBlue Effects purchased in PS 20 Ultimate and others ?

Baby Nades says:

Great video, super helpful! Just a question, how do you make the video preview render better? I mainly deal with 1080p videos, but for some reason when I place them in the timeline they either don’t render at all, or the yellow rendering/loading bar thing turns red. It makes pinnacle almost unusable for me. I can’t imagine it is my computer causing the problem. I have an i7 4790k cpu and a gtx 1080 gpu with 16gb ram. I’ve tried reinstalling the program, didn’t help. any ideas?

marty robbins says:

anyone know what the bitrate is supposed to be when exporting to mp4 1080p 60fps ?

The classy viking says:

I’m having a problem, I’ve tried to export this video I edited with pinnacle studio 20 all day, but it keeps saying at points where I put in a pan/zoom effect, that there is a “problem with the timeline”.

it hasn’t done this before so I’m not sure if I’m forgetting something or if there has been an error.

Vince Pachiano says:

Question about MPEG2-> DVD Authoring. My eventual goal is to create a DVD movie of a MPEG2 file. If I export straight to a DVD, I can only adjust the bitrate (No VBR). But I see in your tutorial I can use VBR and set the maximum and average. The question is: IF I do this, and export as a MPEG2 file, what do I then need to do to make a DVD?

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