Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Green Screen Chroma Key Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate green screen chroma key tutorial. The green screen chroma key tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate will show you how to add any background to your green screen footage to create a video where you place your subject into any environment. This video will help you make realistic green screen effects. You will be able to place your talent into the foreground f any background for your home movies, short films, and videos. The demonstration and tutorial will show you how easy it is to use NewBlue FX Video Essentials VI Garbage Matte and Chroma Key Pro to get a clean key for your videos and use any background, motion loop, or virtual reality set to make everything look real.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

My Green Screens

8′ x 18′ Green Screen – (Affiliate Link)

5′ x 7′ Green Screen – (Affiliate Link)


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Jerry burke says:

Great job

Ramesh K Ramesh says:

sir explain 3d editor CPU

John TheBaptist says:

Great job! Your videos are informative. You present in a manner that is easy to learn and covers everything one needs to know about the subject. Anytime I have a question, it turns out you already have a video posted! LOL I can only imagine the amount of time and effort you have put into your work. Thank you for posting the fruit of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated!

Justin Bilbrey says:

Seems like there is a massive learning curve! As you clicked on different things there were at least 30 other options to click on! Like wtf do all those things do?! I’m kind of overwhelmed to be honest…I’m not sure yet if you have done this but a numbered system 1-whatever starting at beginner basics would be a great idea because I suck lmao. Seems like a more than adequate program though if you can use it to its full potential .

Savannah C-Port News says:

very informative. i love your videos

Sakman says:

Maliek, I’m in the process to change my Guestroom into a “Green-screen Studio”. This Video of yours means so much to me. Your timing is great! Without your advice it would not have worked. Thank you so much. There is no ways I would have done it without your help. One of the days it will be up and running. Thanks again!

Pixelyoutube Grannyhaakkanaal says:

I love it thank you for your time. Good video.

Craftily Creative says:

Ok thank you Maliek, Now I need to buy the ad-d-on’s, because I just discovered that my normal Ultimate version is not enough. Thanks for the video.

Daphne Seaheart says:

i dont have the option of effects above and i dont have add-ons please help

CrazyDaneTV says:

So with garbage Matt i dont have to film myself with the whole back grund covered in greenscreen awesome

Vasily B says:

Hi Maliek, I want a program with advanced YouTube video editing, and a little bit of cinematic movie making? Which would you recommend Pinnacle studio 20.5 ultimate or adobe premier elements 15? Is there something better for the same price?

Aaditya Sherpa says:

How to make good commercial with pinnacle studio

Rejean Drouin says:

Très bon vidéo j’aimerais avoir les vidéos de pinnacle en Français merci

Bobby Freel says:

Thanks, I’m brand new to cameras, camcorders and video editing…you make it easy to understand.

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

Thanks for this maybe one day I will use this on my channel I use pinnacle about 15 years but never used this function as I feel is so complicated but like I set one day 🙂

You have sub from my and as you do a shoutout I do form with hope you will chose me one day and will help me grow up

Thanks and I will check more video from you channel now

Tetrault & Tetrault says:

Great Job Maliek!! Your tutorials are easy to follow as I can actually do the work in my own video while watching you teach the procedures. It is a huge time saver!Thank youTetrault and Tetrault Productions

Gary W. Stout says:

Tried to figure out on my own, couldn’t. Found this video and nailed it in minutes. Thank you sir, well presented.

jonh major says:

Awesome as usual. Able to get a much cleaner result. Thanks!

Luna Girl says:

Looks complicated, why they don’t make it one click.

iNoahASL says:

Hey. I have this problem with PS19. Every time I try to do the speed effect such as slowing down, or speeding up, or reversing, the program just stops working. How do I fix this?

Kathy Roberts says:

Terrific! Love your work!

Azerone Photo says:

Your videos are the greatest for helping me with my Pinnacle, thanks so much!

GoofyOldGuyPlays says:

As much as I love my Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, the difference between using the built in Chroma and the New Blue, is ridiculous. New Blue can be a little more definitive, yes. But rendering a 6 minute video going from 40 minutes using the built in, to 3.5 hours using New Blue makes it unusable. And neither one gets rid of the greenish effect from my hair, lol. Still, thank you so much for your videos. They’ve taught me so much. I’ve used Pinnacle for every video I’ve ever made, and you’ve given me a lot to work with! Any chance you might do another video on the 360? I still can’t get my video to edit, export, and be usable on Youtube without the metadata injector, and that doesn’t work with my new version of Windows. Thanks for all your hard work! And EXTRA thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks again. And again

Arch Gaming Network says:

Very nice. Love your tutorials

DTryThis says:

Mr Maliek! Love your videos, they are helping me learn everyday. I’m a new youtuber but really enjoy it!
Thank you!

revendrac says:

Thank you . Very informative . LOVE your tutorials .

MarkTheLostTraveler says:

I saw this very interesting on folding video effect. Does p20 ultimate do this or not just wondering here’s the link thank you.

Robert Dumoulin says:

Hi Maliek i just want to thanks you for your amazing tutorial and see my first try i’m so proud of it

Bob Woodlock says:

Thanks, didn’t know about the garbage matte. Helped tremendously.



Tracy Bays says:

After watching this video, and others like it, I really want to buy Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. I currently use Blender 3D, which is free. When it comes to using it, it is very labor intensive. Just to do chroma key, requires many nodes, which can get confusing quick! It also causes rendering to last for DAYS! Not kidding! This video seems TONS easier than what I am used to. This one feature alone, is worth the money! I will likely keep Blender 3d for CG purposes. I am sold on Pinnacle, for the video editing aspects!

king kogean says:

hello ! thank for your video. but i need your help beacause i don’t know where can i donwload New Blue Video Essentials VI on my pinnacle 20. thanks !

mastermixer nl says:

Another great tutorial! Thanks! Just one question; Does the Chroma Key Pro actually works better/cleaner then the standard Studio ChromaKeyer?

Bobs Pet Stop says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you…is that enough? You have help me so much, and have also saved me hours of learning. I’m ready to come to your Pinnacle Studio 20 weekend learning seminar in Philly..oh, you don’t have that. humm, I wish you would. you have helped so very much, Mr. Bob

Top10 Bluebuzz says:

So its impossible to remove non green backgrounds ?

Kentucky Ranger says:

WOW! Invert… Now I wanna make some chromakey stuff!!!

Lumos by DMLite says:

Wow. That’s a lot of money. Thanks for the tip

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