Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Motion Tracking Tutorial ***UPDATE***

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate motion tracking tutorial update. This motion tracking tutorial update for Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate will provide you with all of the information on the changes to motion tracking.

We started off the tutorial with masking.

1. You can click the Motion Tracking button on the bar above the timeline or you can right-click a clip on the timeline, and select Motion Tracking.
2. The new Motion Tracking editor will open. On the right, click on the Mask Object tab.
3. Click on the shape you want to use
4. Select Mosaic and/or Blur
5. Bring your cursor over the video and place the crosshairs where you want the mask to begin, hold down your left mouse button and drag the shape over the entire area you want to mask
6. Make any adjustments you’d like
7. Click the track selected object button to analyze the effect.
8. When analysis is complete, your object is tracked with the Mask.
9. Make any adjustments to Mosaic and/or Blur amount
10.Click OK to return to the timeline.

Then we went over the follow object option

Tip: If you’re going to follow an item with a title, create or edit your title in advance and save it. That way you can add the title to the Drop Zone from the Motion Tracking Editor.

1. Right-Click a clip on the timeline, and select Motion Tracking.
2. The new Motion Tracking editor will open. On the right, click on the Follow Object tab.
3. Click on the Tracker icon
4. Bring your cursor over the video and place the crosshairs over what you want to follow
5. Click the left mouse button
6. Click the track selected object button to analyze the effect.
7. Use the Library on the left to browse to the video, image, or title you want to use
8. Drag the selected asset to the drop zone box below the preview.
9. Use the bounding box to move the asset to where you want it to be on the screen.
10. Click OK to return to Studio Timeline, and your Title follows the object.
11. If you used a title and you need to edit it you can edit it using the Title Editor.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Don Brown says:

GREAT!! Thanks for another “breakdown” (THUMNBS UP)!!

willienmax says:

I appreciate you taking time to create all of these fine tutorials. Just started using Pinnacle Studio (version 19) and your tips have been invaluable. I have recently watched your updated tutorial on Motion Tracking and have a question. I would like to use a green screen clip that I am already using in my movie (it has been chroma keyed). It seems that when I insert it into the ‘Tracking’  box on the Motion Tracking Editor page the chroma key is lost, that is it has a black background. Any suggestions would be appreciated.jack

Amilcar Cabrera says:


Jason Kadzban says:

Need a PS21 Motion Tracking Tutorial that shows how to track an athlete in action in a sports game. How to use chroma key to create a circle around the subject or an arrow above the subject. Also, how to make the motion tracking follow object move smoothly. I get a lot of flickering.

Darcon64 says:

As usual, a good and helpful tutorial. However, these
comments are in relation to PS21 Ult and “Follow object”. I upgraded from PS 19 Ult for the Tracking facility. In your tutorial, in
my view, you took the easy option of using a title rather than a video.

So here is a situation that you might like to present as a tutorial.
The main screen is the sun setting on the horizon taken from a moving yacht. So there is some very mild yawing and pitching as you would expect. While the sun is not actually visible, its reflection on relatively still water can be seen. So the Tracker Cursor is place on the horizon where the sun’s rays reflect in the water. The scene is analysed. Now the tricky bit.

I want to pretend that there is an eclipse of the sun with a video of it downloaded from You Tube of last week’s US eclipse.  However, the 30 seconds just prior to totality of the downloaded video image of the sun is not steady (unlike the title as you used in your tutorial).  I have to select the desired section from the video using the preview and “mark in”/”mark out”
facility. I then drag that video down to the “Add clips/Follow object” window to merge the two scenes.

Thus, there is movement of the tracked section of the main scene (due to the yacht movement) relative to the movement of the sun present in the added video. The movement is not dramatic but you will appreciate that any relative unnatural movement will be obvious to the viewer.

The other way of doing it is to use the 2D-3D facility and incorporate “position” key frame values (horizontal/vertical) for every frame which, for a 30s video at 30fps is 900 key frames which is a very tedious exercise.

By the way. In PS 19 Ult, it was possible to right click on a clip and the subsequent menu included the “Effects Editor”. In PS 21 Ult, that facility is no longer present and a much more complicated way of opening the effects editor in a clip now pertains. Why fix something that is not broken!!! Also, it does not seem to be possible to copy an effect from one clip to another.

Patty Beecham says:

How do I save the Title to My Titles section? Do I have to make it a mp4? Help, please. x

Echnaton Eos Amenophis says:

Hi, i cant move or change the size for a title or a image in motion tracker. Who can help me?

JoeBoney says:

Thank you Maliek! I was having trouble with this since the update.

Adrian Charles says:

Great tutorial thank you

Bill Carey says:

Thanks Maliek, I would never have figured out how to do tracking without you. You’re the best.

Mickiete says:

Nise Video, but you mention to make title 1st to make it easier. How do you save a title, and where is the my titles folder/tab as I have never done this before. I have found how to save title looks, but not title.

Sir Limesalot says:

for some reason, the “mask object” option isn’t there for me 🙁

Pay Pelangi says:

why video timeline blank?

Tim Hargrove says:

Thanks so much for your awesome tutorials. Is there a way to actually zoom in on a person and track a person moving around on the stage? I know there are some cameras being produced that will do that but it would be nice if the software could also do that for us.

James Sween says:

Will that work if you had an Alpha Channel like maybe smoke coming out of the Summit of the mountain?

nmsidewinder says:

I gave up on motion tracking and masking feature in PinnacleStudio 20.5. It wouldn’t work most of the time and when it did it wouldn’t track well. It was such a pain that I just stopped trying to use it. Then, I tried to do the update to the 20.6 and it kept telling me I needed (what seemed to be ) endless updates before I could use the 20.6 patch. Like I said, it wasn’t worth the tons of patches before finally getting to the one that is suppose to fix it. This is the only thing I don’t like about PinnacleStudio 20 (20.5). To be honest I think this feature was just a bait and switch to get you to buy it. I had corel studio x10 that did the same thing, the advertised ” motion tracking ” and it didn’t work either.

DeltaMike says:

Hi Maliek, How about a motion tracking tutorial for Pinn 21 ultimate please, or is it roughly the same as this one. I cant access your request tutorial form. Also, how about a stabilise tutorial. Thanks. Regards Pete

Dann Reynolds says:

I created a headshot in photoshop. Turned that into an 8 second movie in 21 ultimate. I am using the Follow function. My problem is this. When viewing the effect in my timeline, the head tracks and is normal during the time on screen. After I export the movie, the head is blinking (clipping) during it’s time on screen. Why and what can I do to fix it? Many thanks

Vere Palmer says:

I am having problem updating Ultimate 20 with 20.5. Do you have a solution?

Jim M says:

Thumbs up. Not using PS20 so I can’t apply the technique, but always watching the version’s capabilities for ideas. Thanks, Maliek.

Lazmir Theriault says:

very nice tutorial, thanks for you time to do this work

Sinsdad says:

Maliek – my go to man for Pinnacle Studio. Yet another question for you since I cant find the answer on the web – go figure :(.

Just bought Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate on disc. Arrived in NZ in 5 days, pretty impressive I think. I am going to install it after I hopefully get your answer to this question –

Do I need to ‘uninstall’ Pinnacle Studio 19 from my programs in the computer before running Studio 20, or does Pinnacle recognize an updated version and just write over the existing program?

Looking forward to your reply…

Cheers from down under 🙂

Mike from New Zealand

PS: Just gave you a bit of a donation via Paypal. Not a lot in $US terms (Add another 30% in $NZ), but every dollar helps right?

london ivoiretv says:

what if you want to use a picture or an image instead of a title, it doesn’t work

MarkTheLostTraveler says:

Nice tutorial. Looks like everybody loves it. Thank you.

Marc G. says:

Does the Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus version allow you to pause a video, have an arrow point to a person, hold the frame for 1-2 seconds and continue playing the video?

Super Guide says:

how to a title in motion tracker with any shape

Crossfire Games says:

How to add pictures

Mark Quinn says:

*DUDE I NEED YOUR HELP my preview window is not working* I KNOW YOU’RE THE BEST PERSON TO ASK

Kathy Roberts says:

Terrific, the more you do the more I understand and you get my editing juices flowing.

Rockford Ice Benders says:

trying to blur out someone flipping the bird, and the blur works for one frame using this technic, then it just has weird lines all over the screen. help

Johan Snoek says:

i learn so much from your lessons! thanx! I have a tutorial request to.. I want to work on two screens. So that i have more space for my timeline. For example: Leftscreen my timeline, right screen all the other stuf. How can i do that?

Sakman says:

Maliek, Thanks for the great tutorial. Maliek, if I’m interested to produce edited Videos for my friends, community / organisations where costs will be involve, do I need to obtain permission from Pinnacle Studio to use PS as editing program? Any advice or reference? Thanks.

Hans Kruse says:

Could you please explain how I can make a text flashing other the clipping the text to tiny pieces??
regards Hans Kruse, Deventer, The Netherlands

Lee Relph says:

Just upgraded from Studio 18 Ultimate to Studio 20.6 Ultimate, gave this a go, found it surprisingly easy to use, even for an idiot like me! Thanks a lot for your great tutorials!

Parachute216Reg says:

Pinnacle Studio 21 nothing happens when i hit the motion tracking button? help…

Willy Veret says:

At least it works easaly now. Thanks

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