Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Motion Tracking Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate motion tracking tutorial. This tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 20 teaches you how to use this time saving feature of the software. Maliek Whitaker shows you how to get to the effect, tells you about the different uses for the effect, and gives you an explanation of the options available within the effect. Motion tracking in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate offers two options: motion tracking for masking an object and motion tracking for following an object. The masking option allows you to mask out a face, license plate, or any other object using a mosaic, a blur, or both. The following option allows you to make titles / text or objects follow an object in the video. In this tutorial you will see how to create each motion tracking option though step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Richard Gardner says:

This is the type of Motion tracking titles I want to do any thoughts.

Beard Adventures says:

Hey I love the help that you provide. Since when I first opened it everything was over whelming. Everything has worked great until now. Everytime i try to blur something I click on the square or circle and it then says ngstudio has stopped working and it all shuts down and I have to reopen it. Do you know anything about this??

David Hunter says:

Hiya Mailek I have watched your tutorial on Hd export, and at this moment in time I am exporting to a file, I have followed your video step by step
My video was taken from my MAvic pro, onto a SD card, anyway I imported this to pinnacle 19 ultimate and followed your instructions, my video is 7 minutes long with four transitions 1 music and 1 title, anyway I went through all the motions as you described and all seems well but this has now been running for approx 2 hours and it’s only still at 61%! Is this right???
Looks like it’s going to take 3-4 hours to do a 7 minute video! Cheers, Dave, UK

Motorsektionen says:

Hello! I have some streetracing videos, where I have to licence plates that needs to be blured out at the same time – how to make two objects blured at the same time, in the same clip?

broderp says:

Does not work in Studio 64 Bit. I don’t get the option when right clicking to select mask or follow, but selecting the motion tracking does open a window that seems to give me the options to do what is shown. However after saving and going back to the main window, I do not have the mask object window (black background as shown @6:54 with masks shown) . The rest fall apart from there. ???

Marc McLean says:

im still using v18, thinking about moving to v20 soon so checking out some videos about it, awesome video Maliek thank you, im wondering is there a way to feather the edges of the mask?

Tassos D.Everything says:

οκ no hard feelings dude im just new to these things and on to you tube and im trying hard to do my job

hacker hi says:

hey sir
can you help me
how to render transparent background in pinnacle studio

Donna Lee says:

Is this program almost like Jasc animation shop? I still use animation shop for gif’s, but sadly Corel has chosen not to update it. 🙁 Pinnacle looks complicated in comparison.

RoyalRafee says:

is pinicle free

Tassos D.Everything says:

can you make a video tutorial pls? to help me

Malcolm Osburne says:

Questions? I am trying to creat a green screen over a face. I like the function in the “Mask Object” where we can effect the nodes to change the shape of the circle. Can this be done in the mask object or is there another way? Also I have been doing research in other programs. Does Pinical have some kind of “Isolating and Eclipse” tool?

Crux Is Shih tzu says:

Instructions Unclear: Computer Stuck In Toaster

Top10 Bluebuzz says:

Thnks so much fr the lesson Maliek ,oky if i may ask ,wht can some one do when my Pinnacle 20 doesn’t have some features like motion tracking , or even lack of video preview as in you hear the sound but no Text nor picture nor video visibility in the timeline preview….

Rick L says:

Umm  My Track Motion doesn’t have a side menu to mask object.. I have the Ultimate 20 why not

Aubrey Watt says:

I’m having major problems with my software and cannot find any support to help me fix it. Just upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate and motion tracking tools won’t work and none of the title editors will perform……

Elvis says:

Does it work for 360 video too?

David Hunter says:

Hiya Mailek, in reply to your last reply! What I will do is try to find my previous comments to you and send them straight after this one!
Hope it’s works ok Dave UK. If not my question to you was ” why does it take 3-4 hours to export a 7 minute video to the “File” in Pinnacle?

Bikini & Coconuts says:

Hi. We are new with ps 20 ultimate and bizzy with our first vlog. Can you make a video about stabilizing? Greetings Michel & Misty

Sergy's Lab says:

If maliek would reply to me I will not do anything (not even breath)

WSB Gaming says:

Dude you are my hero!

Johan Snoek says:


Tassos D.Everything says:

very nice video i have pinnacle studio 20 and i was trying to figure how to mask faces for a long time now isee your video i have solved my problem thank you man. im also new you tube come and visit my channel and see my videos and tell me your thoughs

Keith Owen Harvey says:

Hi great video, easy, clear and to the point. Do you know if its possible to have a line from the object being tracked to the work and the line and work track the object.

David Hunter says:

Hiya Mailek, thanks again for the reply, I’m not too sure how I find the answers to your question! But what I did do this morning was to use the exact same project and exported to a DVD disc, which took about 3 mins max, and that was fairly good very similar to the original
And I done the same with other movies I have stored on my pinnacle and they are not too bad either! Anyway the info I have on my problem is as follows and hopefully you maybe able to understand it? Ok….size 2591.44mb…Codec…Avc1….Bitrate 44952 kBit/s….Duration….7.52 Mins…Colorado depth…16 bit……Frame aspect…16.9……Alpha No…..Dimensions….2720x1536px…..pixel aspect 1……Framestart 0…..Frames 23.98 Fps…..Timeline settings were, Aspect widescreen 16.9…Imaging Regular (2D)… Size HD 1920×1080. I chose HD 1920×1080/25…..
Also today I noticed that in the timeline settings or there abouts I noticed that the ” Render while play ” was turned off, I’ve now put that to ON! Is that right? Sorry it’s a long reply Mailek, thanks Dave,

mike miller says:

Okay, so since the last update, things have changed. I’m trying to have an image (scaled smaller that the video) track an object. Like having the photo follow it rather than the text or a blur. The option is not there. It’s not even there for text. Please help

PawelPlay76 says:

Please HELP!!! After I mask object i will put on text and follow mask but when I clicking right buton on text area, follow object option is no longer available. WTF?

Sonny Dai says:

is this program good for music videos?

David Hunter says:

hiya again Mailek, just have to watch your Tutorials all over again as I have forgotten what I learnt in the past so I’m very greatfull that you are still doing what you do!
What I want to know now is once your video is ready for export! and you show save where its to be/go I’m a little lost at that point because I am not sure as to the best way to do this and then later try to find where my files would be found!
please could you explain how to do this or maybe mention it in a future Tutorial! as I’m not getting any younger and sometimes it can be frustrating to solve the problem! thanks Buddy for such great tutorials. Dave in the Uk

Five558 says:

Sometimes when I mask a clip of a still image and track it, it just disappears after the first frame. How do I fix or avoid this? It has been a roadblock in more than one of the videos I am making.

Don Brown says:

Hello Maliek, I’m back…was ddb5150 and had the 17 ultimate version. My PC was busted for a while….anyway….quick question; I have some fighting footage, every time the guy hits the other guy I want to put a flash at the point of contact. I remember you showing a tutorial on something like this with PS17….how do you do this with PS20? Thanks in advance…and keep the videos coming. Have a GREAT one 🙂

Lazmir Theriault says:

malik  I have the new pinnacle20.5 however my software does not have this effect , could you help me. I have the other one but for some reason no this one

Omkar Video Mixing says:

Pan & zoom error my pc
Win.7 64 bit

BaelyWorld says:

Can you do this on pinnacle plus?

Steve Martin says:

I had to watch the whole video to figure out what this was about. Why not turn off the background rendering so you don’t have to “wait”? Won’t it save the renderings when you generate the first movie file?

PozitivCHECK says:

Мужик, ты крут! Спасибо!!!

Pat Marchetti says:

Would anyone know in what format to save and edit, make it part 1, save another new edit, make it part 2 and so on. Then, how to bring in all parts that were saved and join them on one time line….. ?????? I have the recent 20.5….

David Hunter says:

Hi Mailek, I will try later to see how long it takes to export a five minute video to” File” and start a new thread if I need to!
It’s nice to know that you’re out there with your expertise to help us newbys and old folk! Keep up the good work!
So you think it’s best to leave the Render while play to OFF yes? Dave in the UK

Big Tom says:

Is it possible to make a “meme video” like the ones going around on social media? cnn meme war type of overlays? if so I’ll buy it/upgrade

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