Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Pan and Zoom Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate pan and zoom tutorial. This tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 20 shows you how to create fluid movement in your video with the new features available in Pinnacle Studio 20. Maliek takes you through all of the options of this feature. With the new pan and zoom you have the option to create static zooms or animated zooms right from the display window. You can adjust settings from the display window and from the attributes on the side of the screen. It is simple to select the start point and end point of any pan or zoom and preview how it will look from the preview window. There are also several new presets which make applying a pan and zoom effect super easy. You can also change the motion of the pan and zoom by making the beginning and end smooth so that the motion is not sudden or jarring. This feature is great for all types of videos. In this tutorial you will see how to make pan and zoom effects to improve your content. You will learn all of this through step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
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Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Intuitive Observations says:

let me ask you this, how do you zoom in on one part of the image, then pan in on another part? That is what I am trying to do. I am trying to go in, and then down.

Oddnonymous Gaming says:

When I try to do animated I cannot move anything, it stays locked into place. I used the nodes and the attribute bars to try to adjust but still no luck, any suggestions? I’m running Pinnacle 20 Ultimate

Michael Pye says:

How do you do those arrows and hi lites on your videos?, Like the red arrow at 6.23 in your vid.

Jerry WineBrenner says:

I’ve only had studio 20.6 for a few weeks. Today I thought to take a look at their tutorials. Oh my G, Made me appreciate you even more. At least you know how to teach. Thanks for your efforts!

Jeff M. says:

Maliek, your tutorials are very informative.  I felt lost when I loaded Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate as it has been a long time since I did editing with a Pinnacle product.  You saved me a great deal of time with the help of your videos.  Thank you!  On the box it says that one can import from AVCHD and other file based camcorders.  I was able to load from my GoPro without issue, but when I imported from my camcorder, I can only hear the audio, but not see the video.  I read online where a lot of editing programs have issues with .mts files.  I used a software program called Any Video Converter to convert to .mp4, which is the file extension from my GoPro imports; however, I still can’t see the video.  I see where someone asked this question several months back, but there isn’t a response.  Any insight or advice would be appreciated.  Can Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate read .mts files or do they have to be converted to another format?

Chill Chips says:

Great video! I am new to editing with Pinnacle studio 20 and you have made it hella easy for me to learn this stuff!

Now Boarding says:

Question Buddy. When I make any adjustments with my movie the Render starts and it takes several mins to complete. Then if i need to make a small tweak takes a long time again. The file I’m using is a HD anything i can do to speed that up. Thanks

luciano auteri says:

Ciao PinnacleStudioPro, potresti fare un tutorial su come realizzare l’effetto (Glitch)? Grazie.

Ircha Gaming says:

Great videos

JJLogic says:

hello there, this is definately smoother than i found it to be in 16 but im finding that with 20 when i export my films im getting a grey screen with an arrow on it and its really annoying. is there anything i can do to fix it thanks?

TheBeardedGent says:

+PinnacleStudioPro I’ve been having a problem recently where whenever I pull up pan and zoom there’s a white-lined box overlayed above either the green/red box, which I’m trying to use. The white box can’t be moved or resized, and when I try to resize the green/red box, the white box snaps it right back into place. Even when I try resizing the boxes from the side bar, it snaps right back into place. It’s annoying as fuck, not to mention I’m trying to produce the next episode of my series and it’s been delayed two weeks already cause I can’t use a software I paid $120 dollars for that’s screwing me over all of a sudden. Any help or suggestions? I’ve looked all over the internet but no one else seems to have this issue. Please respond soon. <3

Calvin Thomas says:

I’m loving you’re videos. I couldn’t get my head around pinnacle studio 21 but after watching these videos I’m now starting to get the hang of it. Many thanks Calvin

dotun oke says:

I now got the pinnacle studio 17 but wen I import a .MTS file it doesn’t display and I don’t know why???

Darryl Gibb says:

Maliek, you are a life saver and your p20 pan and zoom tutorial convinced me to get p20. Love your personality and sense of humour. Like Larry Bristol, I too use photos big time and have waited for a controllable variable zoom speed. Thanks from New Zealand.

Swimming Pool Chemistry Done Right says:

Thanks for the video! I would like to know if you can zoom in on a certain area of the video for 15 sec or so then zoom back out?

anne siv sivertsen says:

How can I remove “fisheye” effect from gopro cam videos?

Jim M says:

Malik, have been a Sub for a while and gave you a Thumbs Up as I always do – your videos are very instructional and I greatly appreciate that. Every one I watch, I’m always thinking of ways I can incorporate a feature into my published videos without distracting from the content.

I publish fishing videos and have used the P&Z in 19U on occasion. Video is shot with a GoPro 3+Black, 1080-30. I cannot zoom much before pixelating, and in 19 the P&Z feature is still cumbersome. It looks like another upgrade may be in order, once they get it back within budget.

One last question – the red arrow/marker you use. Is that drawn in PS for each usage or was it created outside and simply imported for use? I sometimes need to direct viewers to a particular location in a screen of water and while a WingDings character can fullfill the purpose, your casual drawing is much classier. A little hint would be appreciated.

JoeBoney says:

Is it possible to make a custom pan and zoom like if I wanted it to like to shake a little while zooming in.

Kudła Bartosz says:

Hi Malik !
Do you happen to know if it is possible to apply pan and zoom effect on multiple clips (photos) , or I have to set pan & zoom effect manually on every clip. I must create a slideshow of 206 photos, so I guess you know how time consuming it would be …. 🙁
Greetings from Poland

Cube Gaming says:

it just zooms in the corner automaticley for me

John Moes says:

Very helpful. thank you !

dotun oke says:

I now got the pinnacle studio 17 but wen I import a .MTS file it doesn’t display and I don’t know why???

Gfancybeauty says:

hi Malik yep its Gina again lol I’m wondering if pinnacle is compatible with a MacBook Air laptop? Thank you in advance.

MBVD Channel says:

Is there any possibility to do zoom transition from one video to another?

George Shaw says:

Hi Malik. Been using PS17 Ult. for quite some time and all ok. Recently made a movie of my travels. No problems, and burnt to disc. Then had to burn a second disc for a friend and found that despite saving as a ‘Project’ the music still has to be imported from the external drive and, more importantly, the video/pics timeline does not play. When playback is stopped it does show the correct picture frame though. This, all after a recent Windows 10 update, which I suspect has caused the problem. I have heard of other people having glitches after the latest update. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.

BlackZonox says:

can you do a Zoom overlay`*?

and My Track Motion -> Follow object is Greeyed out.! i cant use it 🙁

SpikeLifeLike SpikeLifeLike says:

Do a video on how to do the video collage. Like you have one video. Then you have like 2 more videos in the 1 video. Like how at the end there is bunch of of videos and links at the end.

Ceci Bruno says:

Thany you for the tutorial ! I begin to anderstand that Pinnacle Studio is realy a good logiciel. I used Magix but is possible to bay Pinnacle Studio soon.

Joshua Nobles says:

where do the snapshot picture go after you snapshot a video ….. Good Morning

Anthony Pierre says:

Use P&Z for photos to give them “movement”. Nice tutorial as always!

behrouz mazlom says:

I’m looking to make smooth slow motion but I can’t is there any way to make some portion of my video clip really smooth slow motion on pinnacle studio 20 ultimate
I can do with my iPhone but on pinnacle I can’t get really smooth slow motion!!
Any help thanks

betterbody2468 says:

How do I apply the same static zoom to multiple clips, I’ve already tried to select all the clips, and then set a static zoom, but that has not worked, I hope I dont have to set a zoom for each and every clip

Christiaan Tinga says:

I am panning and zooming photos. Now, in previous versions of Pinnacle Studio I was able to set de next clip as the pan&zoom settings of the previous clip. In version 20 I need to manually enter the zoom and pan parameters in the right side of the screen. This is very annoying and time consuming. Is there an option to just klick on something to tell Pinnacle to take over the parameters of the previous frame (the previous clip) ??

Eric C says:

hello again, i’m trying out zoom and pan and want to add zoom only to part of a video and don’t know how to add keyframes for beginning of zoom and end of zoom. help would be amazing. thanks.

Benjamin Sullivan says:

I have Pinnacle 20 and I love these videos because I find them very helpful! I have a request.

Would you be willing to make a video that will teach us how to brighten only a certain section of the video (At 1:54 for example where the preview window is lit up but the rest of the screen is darkened). Also, will you teach us how to make transparent colored boxes (like at 2:38 for example)?

Arnold Salgado says:

Very goog

Poul Pedersen says:

What program do you use to make this demo videos with?

Wesley De Wit says:

Can you pan and zoom on videos in Pinnacle Studio 19?

KJ Gaming says:

Hey Malik, I just got this editor, and I am interested in this editor becaause I have got this for the iOS, And I have been doing fine. I got the Pinnacle Ultimate 20, and I cannot change the speed of the video I have, How do i change the speed?


How do I zoom an objecto and folow it?

moggio666 says:

I`m learning and learning and learning, thanks a lot for these outstanding tutorials !!

deisman says:

Wasn’t a pan and zoom instruction but a pan or zoom instruction

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