Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Picture in Picture / PIP Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate picture in picture PIP tutorial. This tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 20 shows Pinnacle users how to use the new PIP features from the preview window. Users can now create face cam or PIP windows right from the preview window without having to make any changes on the timeline. Now when a clip that has assets beneath it is selected PIP options are available under the preview window. There are two options available. Users can select between scale mode and crop mode. Based on the needs of the user the clip can be adjusted and moved to whatever location is needed. The user can also double click the clip and make additional changes if needed. This feature is great for game play videos, educational videos, special effects and much more. In this tutorial you will see how to make specific PIP screens which will improve your content. You will learn all of this through step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.

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Comments says:

Sorry to disturb you, but when I try and do PIP, all I get is a black screen behind the picture. What I am doing wrong?

Vissu simhadri says:

Great tutorial Very helpful. thank you !
i was using PS U20 i was facing a some confutation is thare any way to copy the PIP (that actually shown in this tutorial) and past to outer clip………
Thanks in Advance for your Help……….

Nynja Witjes says:

hi im working on a slide show video with only pictures how can i change the size of the pictures (picture in picture) all together. Because i have to them all at once but want them all to be the same size i was wondering if there might be an quicker way to it. Now it takes me forever to do it like this way. And i add over 100 pictures. Greetings. Ow and im use the Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

Bradford Roberson says:

I’ve watched a lot of your videos now, great help, thanks for that! One question that this video almost touches on… How can you get a PiP to follow? For example can you mask the basketball that the person on the left has in the footage and then “follow” it the rotating basketball, to give the illusion that the ball in the person’s hand is rotating?

Raja Chowdhury says:

I want to know more about Pinnacle 20 Effect Editor Keyers, Luma Keyer effect.Is their any chance to making tutorial on this subject.

Danny T says:

Quick question. how would I copy and effect from one clip to another if I would like the same exact effect on another clip. was wondering if you had toot on that. thanks in advance.

Mr Forrest says:

So here’s my question. I delete a background of a pic and save it as a png but when I put the pic in the video, it still has a white or black square around it. I just want the image with no background. How can I make this happen in Pinnacle Studio?

TheFightJournal Boxing says:

On a scale of 1-10, would you consider this software as extremely easy to use (1) or extremely difficult to learn (10)?

Steve Madore says:

just loaded Studio 19 into my new computer and I can’t seem to do transitions. I go over to navigation and go to Transitions and nothing comes up what’s up with that

Nichollette East says:

thank you for a great straight forward tutorial. I loved it, and I got it first time ….. not bad for an oldie but a goodie! G’day from Australia

Simon Burridge says:

Dude i need your help! Im trying to get a baby to sing by using some other kids mouth and i can only seem to overlay the kids mouth in a cropped rectangle. is there a way i can crop the moth better?

James Myers says:

Great video! Very helpful!

Julio Meliveo says:

Me gustaria que estos videos tan importantes para mi que acabo de adquirir el Pinnacla 20 ultimate fueran en español o si no es posible con subtitulos para poder seguirlos. Muchas gracias

dave2amsterdam says:

As of July 2017 I have just bought studio 20 ultimate 64bits version. I am having problems with exporting a film to mp4 with pip transitions. . I have 3 pip’s on the same track but one refuses to render on the timeline and subsequentialy show black frames when the film is exported to a mp4 video. My computer is using windows 8.1 and Firefox 54.0.1browser. I have a i7 processor plus 8GB ram plus 65GB free on my D: drive (this is where I have the program installed and also the where my videos go to)
The fragment I am using as a pip has a still has a brown rendering stroke above it, normally it would change to green and then disappear from the timeline.
What is going wrong? Does Studio have to render every clip you place on the timeline. My other editing program does not have to do this (time wasting) procedure.
update: After shutting down studio20 and the restarting it the pip clip was rendered on the timeline. However it still leaves black or flikkering frames when I export as mp4 or Mpeg2 with preset 1080p. One export that did work was mp4 preset full size SD 400 x 720, but this last preset is not the quality I expect.

Bo Steffensen says:

You’r the king… 🙂 Are you a teacher as profession? You are an excellent instructor. thanks

curtzblues says:

Your videos and instructions are superb.  Thanks for moving me off the nubie square.

GamingSportsFreak says:

I know this is totally off topic but is there any way to make a channel Banner on Pinnacle for YouTube or would i need photo shop

dragon model says:

Hi,is there any way for example you could make the ball look like it’s bouncing up and down in the final video?thank you for the information.

hard truth around says:

thanks… for the help!! good job


Am I able to have 1 picture then have 2 videos playing on top of it using pip

Timo Dinnissen says:

how to make a shooting stars meme with pinnacle studio 20??

GamingSportsFreak says:

i so behind i upgraded from 12 to 20 lol

dcjconsult says:

Is it possible when I have a PIP video playing (say in the bottom left) and then to transition and have the PIP expand and become full screen – phasing out the original clip?

Rick Hanzlik says:

What package do you use to create your screen capture and audio clips?

Markus Ward says:

really helpful!!! thanks, definitely subscribing!!!

Mati12ful says:

can i put picture over video ?


Is there a way to pause the top video while the while the background video is still playing. Can’t seem to freeze frame the top video? Any tips.

Reinhold Jahnke says:

Hi Maliek,
How many PIP effects can you have on your timeline?

COBA Mfg says:

another great video. Is it possible to do a video that speeds it up. I do machining and metal or wood working videos and would like to speed through the repetitive parts.

SPI Life says:

Thanks Maliek for making the videos. Whenever we’re ready to try something new, we can always turn to you for the 411.

Danny T says:

Peace Maliek I have some questions if it isn’t too much to ask. 1. Is there setting in Pinnacle when importing from cams, external hard drives and things of that nature where you don’t have to leave the device connected, so that the program doesn’t say there are clips missing. 2. do you have a tutorial on visual distortion. kind of like when antenna TV existed and the channel didn’t come in clear and I’m not just talking snow. thanks for any input you may give. B-EZ 1.

Now Boarding says:

I finally upgraded to 20 now and again you are the man. You have been in my pocket for the last few years and I thank you for all your guidance. You explain and talk so clearly great instructor. Small question with 20. For video files that are 4K Ultra HD what is the best video export after creating a movie do you think is best for keeping the sharp video of the original but not making it super high file. Maybe give the best of best and best but a bit smaller size. Thanks again

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

In Pinnacle Studio, what does “render” mean? I am finding out that “render” can mean something different in other programs.

Pete Casino says:

Thanks a lot Maliek. You’re good.

AZ Gun Guys says:

great vid Malek, how can I do a really good sinc two clips? I can get close but they are still off enough to see it easy. I edit r/C airplane vids. and when I turn one starts just a bit then the other. but it’s enough to see its not in sinc. any thoughts?

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