Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Slow Motion Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate Slow Motion tutorial. This tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 20 shows users how to create buttery smooth slow motion. Learn how to convert high frame rate videos in the timeline to slow down videos to slo-motion or slo-mo. This tutorial shows you how to use 60fps or 59.94fps video clips on a 24p timeline and slow down your footage. The process uses the add speed effect, constant setting, and first frame anchor. Maliek also shows how to convert higher frame rates in a 24p timeline. He shares a time and frame converter tool which helps you select the correct duration for your clips after you apply the speed effect. He shows you how to drag the timeline out to the correct duration as well.

This is a great way to create professional smooth slo-mo or slo-motion video. This is an effect that is used in several types of videos.

24p timeline / 60p clip = 40%
30p timeline /60p clip = 50%

24p timeline /120p clip = 20%
30p timeline /120p clip = 25%

Online frame/time calculator

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R K says:

Hello Maliek, I have a question, can you show me the maths to do fast-motion video? thank you

Dave G says:

Earlier versions of this program allowed a “slow motion” effect by automatically duplicating each frame one or more times. It was a bit clunky, but it allowed something shot at 24fps to still have a slow motion effect. I take it that this option is not available in version 20? If I understand slow motion in version 20, you can’t do it unless the film was shot at a faster frame rate than the playback.

asvin waran says:

please show me how that Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Slow Motion.

Sakman v Greunen says:

Hi Malik, I use Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. Is Red Giant part of the Pinnacle Studio 20 or must I purchase Red Giant? Thx. I learn so much from you.

Fisher Man says:

Hi. Does this mean that we can only slow a video clip so much depending on it properties?

renga pillai says:

Top Tutorial…

Aaron Goins says:

I use Pinnacle to edit sporting events. Please show us how to add a running time clock. It would be nice if the time would adjust if/when you edit the video. By editing sometimes I remove clips or when there is long stoppages in the games.

GBDrone1 says:

Malik! Thank you for all of these quality videos. You have cleared up so many questions for me! Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Aaron Goins says:

and possibly a score board! I use if for Soccer!!!

grimlightimages says:

Wicked tutorial thank you 🙂

Tosm says:

Hello! Thanks for the help. I’ve had a problem i just noticed while reversing clips. When i set the speed and click reverse the clip I selected does fully render. The yellow bar doesn’t turn green. The clip wont play and if i export the video it will freeze and stop when it hits that part. I don’t know why its happening. I’m using Pinnacle Studio 20.

Top10 Bluebuzz says:

In my local dialect “Mariek” means bright OR brilliant mind, could be some resemblance there ,Bigup dude , congrats from Kenya…

MBVD Channel says:

Is it possible to change video speed using keyframes?

Eric Cohen says:

can i add slow mo to part of a clip? if so do i use markers to add the beginning and end sequences? just intuitive guess. thanks if you reply.

Joseph Madafferi says:

Maliek, I just downloaded Version 21 because 19 was giving me problems with slow motion. I can’t seem to find the speed button on my scroll window. Did they change this? Thanks

Bondservant Matt says:

Easy to understand…thanks Malik! Good vid.

Alex Figueroa says:

I have been watching your videos for a long time and once again your video is a BIG help!! I am a wildlife photographer and videographer and I look forward to doing some slow-mo vids on them.Thanks!!!

Claude LUJAN39 says:

Belles vidéos ,mais bien dommage qu’elle ne soient pas en Français. Je ne parle pas Anglais et la traduction des sous -titres You tube est déplorable. Merci pour ce beau travail.

laconchadetuabuela01 says:

hey malik ,, great video as always .. you have taught me everything i know about this program .. thanks for your work and i think i speak for a lot of people when i say . youre entertaining and a good teacher .. yhanks !!! Vic

Michael Martin says:

In your first example, are you not confusing the 24 frame rate with the 60 (59.94) field rate? It is actually 30 frame video over 24 frame video, so does this still work?

FoxQuinGamer says:

cool I was trying to find this out last week. lol thank you.

MrBackyardMechanic says:

So, what about pinnacle studio 21, I do not see a “speed” option….

Sakman v Greunen says:

Hi Malik, thank you so much for your response. Appreciated! Keep up the good work.

Paul Stephens says:


quzzze says:

i think i missed something. at 6:30 in your video – when i want to drag the clip to its full content lengh there is no pink at the end. it just gets longer and longer and there is original content in the clip i already deleted from the clip. what am i doing wrong?

Mazby2 says:

Hi M! Love your movies. I have a problem with my Pin21. When I cut out a part of movie to slo-mo it after the video-efect OK it sloMo the whole movie. not the cutout part?? Its short as the cutout but begins in the orignal before-cut. What-up??

Claude Anthony says:

how do i set the frames per second when its not all ready at 60 please

RR Chard says:

Hey….love your stuff. VERY helpful and equally entertaining. How do I slo-mo a clip if it’s the same frame rate as my main timeline? Based upon your math calculation, I’d be looking at 30p divided by 30p equals “1” which leaves me with no range to speed up or slow down. Every time I try something based on those frame rates, the program locks up and I actually have to reboot my PC for Studio to function again.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for some GREAT videos.

רובי נוי says:

How to move effects packages from earlier versions to version 20.For example in version 17 there is the
RED GIANT MAGIC LOOKS or Pro dad FROM 15 VER. How do I transfer it to version 20 I’ve seen in your videos that you have effects packs from previous versions
How do you do this please?

BrosephEDITS says:

When I use slow motion in my timeline, when I render, the rendering just stops up to the point where the slow motion stops. How do i fix this?

Mariano da Silva Tome says:

Thank you Maliek from this channel I learn more about Pinnacle studio..

Dnv Goodwin says:

Bad thing. Corel Pinnacle studio still can not make slow-motion with keyframes.
It’s really bad cause if you want to change the start point of slow-motion. you need to merge and cut slow-motion part again and again.

Pawel C says:

How to change speed in PS 21?

agepbiz says:

Is there a way to increase the speed above 500%?

Brian D Howard says:

You do great work giving tips and tricks.. I have a question. If I fallow your steps perfectly, why is it when I add slow motion to my clips in post it has the audio but the clip only shows as a solid picture and or jumps frames? Once exported it plays great.. Thanks for any help you can give.

Mac Claire says:

At the end Malik, you said we should tell how we plan on using the slo mo. Well, I just founded a semi-pro basketball league. I plan on putting on a game of the week every Saturday, and since we are a brand new league that needs to watch every penny, I am teaching myself and learning from you everything I can about putting a quality product together for showing on the web.

Miroslav Jurco - JUMIvideoFLY says:

hallo… I have a problem… fast motion is ok… but slow motion is bad … works intermittently… sorry for my bad English and help me please…

FNQ Buggies says:

Hi Malik, first off I’d like to say thanks for posting ur vids, very helpful for us noobs. LOL But when I speed up or slow down my video and export it to my hard drive, upon play back i get this high pitch static like noise. my frame rate is 60 and my clip frame rate is 59.94. I’ve sped up clip 300% and slowed down to 30%. Even if I mute main frame volume it still happens. But I cant hear it during play back in Pinnacle Studio 20. Mate, can you help this noob out. Cheers

Cast Iron Geek says:

Hello. You are doing fantastic videos that have helped me learn a lot, thank you 😀 May I suggest a Speed Increase tutorial ?

DaWrathOfGod says:

Another one! Thanks for the great tutorials!! I will be using this on my next motovlog!

The ReigningGamer says:

Thank you sooooooooooo much Maliek this helped me a ton!

Poul Pedersen says:

Hi Malik is it possible to remove an unwanted moving person from a video with pinnacle?

Leo van den Broek says:

Hi Maliek,
(Pinn St 21) When I select a part of a movie and set the speed to 50% (framerate of the clip is the same as my timeline)
Pinnacle 21 takes a whole different part of the movie. Not the selected clip.
I tried all the three anchors.
My Pinn 19 does this perfect.
Is that a bug in Pinnacle studio 21 ?

zaw thu tun says:

please software link thank you

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