Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate | Split Screen Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate split screen. The split screen tutorial for Pinnacle Studio will show you how to create split screens with templates and show you how to create your own custom slit screen. Go to the navigation bar and navigate yourself to Montages and Templates. Select Split screen template. Drag a template to the timeline. You can Double click to open the template preview. You can access clips from your open tabs of open new tabs if needed. Then you can drag clips to the template. You can also drag clips to the numbers below the preview. I’m gonna click OK to show you the other option for adding clips. Right click the template. Select Open sub-editor. Drag the clips you’d like to use into each track. To change the position of a clip in the template. Click on the selected split screen track. Click on the PIP scale button under the preview window. PIP Scale will allow you to change the size and position of the clip. Using the splits as guidelines you can scale and reposition the clip to where it fits best. Then click the PIP Scale button again to go back to the original view. Click OK and now you’ve got a lovely split screen for your videos. We’re done with the split screen templates so next I’m gonna show you how to create custom split screens. Above the timeline click on the split screen template creator icon. Select the shapes you’d like to use and add them to the canvas. You can change the rotation, border width, border color, and apply the changes to all of the shapes you used. Click Save As to save the template. Name the template. Click OK.

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john nguyen says:

Thanks for your time and training

Mansingh Kumre says:

Sir I am purchased pinnacle 20 version, by online but when I am open software, it having too much time for open. So please help me

Michal Rymland says:

Thanks a lot ! Your videos are really great !

Padraig Spillane says:

I don’t seem to have a split screen option on my Pinnacle 20 ultimate?

Melanie Hinde says:

Your videos are wonderful. I have ZERO experience using any type of editing software. As a matter of fact up until 2 years ago I had never posted anything online or downloaded a video. Your tutorials are amazing and so easy to understand. You can see from my first video to my most recent video the improvements I’ve made. Even though I don’t have a great deal of time to devote to learning new tools I do try to pick up something new each time I edit a video. Your tutorials have been a tremendous help.

Maciej Oledzki says:

Malik…you’re the best!

Mellow Mels says:

Hi, great video. Is it possible to synchronize the video’s? For example if you wish to record a tutorial and the 2 video’s have a 2 second difference in starting time and you wish to start them at the same moment? Thanks

David Krieg says:

How long can split screen videos be in this software? Thank yoy

EHSCounselingDept says:

Great videos. Is there anyway to work with green screens inside of split screens? Or do I have to create the green screen clip, turn into a clip and bring it back into the split screen?

N3XT LEVEL Entertainment says:

Thanks for the tips, i just purchased P.S. 21 Ultimate and was able to create and export an amazing quality video I took of a couple’s wedding ceremony. It took less time then normal and the quality is so much better than I ever had it come out in the past. I’ll be sending the happy couple their video later today 🙂

MVS Vidiography says:

Hallo Mr. Jason R, I agree with you Mr. Maliek have style…lol

Helene Gruber says:

I just watched your video on split screen, as well as the new functions of the new version 21 Ultimate.
I would like to take my video’s that are already on my timeline (I have already cut bits and pieces and change luminosity of certain videos). I do not want to take videos from the imported videos as they are not perfect.
I searched but did not find, now is it possible to include in split screen videos that are already on the timeline.

itay Bar says:

I want to ask if there is a possibility to hear the Soundtrack of each video on the split screen option ?

Loni Stewart says:

Most excellent!



Haakclub Pixelhaken says:

Thank you very much.

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

This split screen is good idea for channel teaser thanks

Donald Randell says:

Great work you do Sir!

asiafede says:

Thank you for your video!!
But, I have a big problem =( Everytime I use the split screen option I get the errore message “NG Studio has stopped working” and then the program just shuts down… Any suggestion to fix this problem? Everything works fine, it’s just the split screen =(

Marco c says:

Great! I was just wondering how to create something like this!

curtzblues says:

My gawd, you make me feel so smart, what a great series you have on Pinnacle!

Priyantha Siri says:

Hi Mr, Do you realy think pinnacleStudio faster than other? I cheked carefully, Its not faster than powerDirector.Allways we have to wait every transition or any text editor or something else prosesing with this programe ,the green bar coming rendering very slowly untill its compleat, even very special video editing PC its the same.Let them fix this problem. other all feature are great.only problem is slow rendring.see you

ThisIsEvan717 says:

Whenever i’m editing, the preview screen flickers for some clips and goes completely black for some clips. It’s a pain to try and edit when seeing blackness. Is there a way to fix this?

arianna dolinskiy says:

does this work with Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate too? because i cannot find a video on that.

TrainJJ says:

Hi Maliek. Very usefull tutorial! “Means the world to me…” ;-). Like the way you explain the features and the ins and out’s from Pinnacle. I started using Studio 19 and switched recently to Studio 21 for my trainvideo’s. So, thanks for your support en i gave my thumbs up of course! Will keep following your vids. Greetz from the Netherlands, Joachim

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