Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Color Correction Tutorial – Workflow Series #4

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate Color Correction tutorial. This color correction tutorial on Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate will show you how to correct white balance and exposure in your videos using the software. This tutorial provides you with information on how to adjust brightness, shadows and everything in between to make sure that your color is correct. The video also shows you how to do some color grading to change the mood of your video. Maliek Whitaker takes you through the color adjustment tools that he uses in his workflow and explains them so you can determine the best way to color correct and color grade your own project. Many of the tips he discusses will help streamline your workflow and speed up the editing process. This is a great tutorial for helping you learn how to use Pinnacle Studio. This is the fourth video in the Pinnacle Studio work flow series.

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ExcessiveGaming says:

Also thank you so much for all these tutorials it means so much to me.

Samrat Studio says:

Pinnacle studio is a big use of Indian wedding video editing so plz can u make some effects of like Indian wedding video editing

Film Squad says:

Thanks so much

Jim M says:

You can easily see in your comparative shots that it makes a difference. This could be really useful when incorporating video segments from a two different manufacture action cameras to keep the colors somewhat in alignment, especially sky color and saturation.

goldmouth100 says:

hi I just got a new computer yesterday and it doesn’t have windows movie maker on it .. I am trying to find editing software thats easy to use and not that expensive .. I am used to WMM and I dont have any experience with anything else.. Can you please help me .. or should I just take this new computer back and stick with what I know with my old computer and windows movie maker
..please help .. I am sad

Anthony Pierre says:

Great tutorial! Yes, there is a difference between color grading and color correction.

LARRY D says:

Another episode from mike Tyson

InpopYT says:

Nice video! I honestly didnt know Color correction was a thing until now! Can’t wait to watch the next video!!

LARRY D says:

This program lacks pinpoint color correct .like shirt no the full body. If so not with 6 steps
To get here .

ExcessiveGaming says:

May you please do a video on how to increase the volume. Like how they do it for memes.

Kathy Roberts says:

Thank you Maliek, nice and easy just how I like your tutorials

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