Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Editor Properties Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate Editor properties tutorial. This Editor properties tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 will show you how to use the editor properties section in Pinnacle Studio 21. This comprehensive tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro has a wealth of editing tips and tricks. Using the settings in the new editor properties section you can change the position of a clip, change the size of a clip, change the opacity of a clip, change the corner curve of a clip, change the border of a clip, rotate a clip, crop a clip, and animate all of those changes using keyframes. Maliek shows you all of the settings and explains what they are used for in this tutorial. Our tutorial helps you learn all of the editing tools so you can use them to improve your videos. Whether you are looking to simply change a clip, or you are looking to create complex motion this video is a great place to start.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.


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Endhill Dreggs says:

These tutorials are great, mate.

Gia Brainerd says:

Thank you, Maliek! I love your videos! You always inspire me about different possibilities.

ML Mungsen says:

how to make download & install ? pinnacle studio 21

Sakman says:

Hi Maliek, I’m in the process to edit my first Video on PS21…. I realize the importance of a proper step x step workflow process. This morning I started to develop a workflow process on paper from the ‘initial’ thought or idea up to administration to export and final backup…. If you only had an online ‘PS Academy’ where I could enroll under your mentorship. I’m currently enrolled on a online Power Point program at ‘’ at a affordable cost. The outcomes will be integrated with / into PS21. Your guidance forms the foundation for the coming project. Thanks so much.

Stevie P says:

I’m completely new to Pinnacle studio, and I have found your videos very helpful so far. I have purchased 21 sorry did not know about like form your page, but I going through 20 videos and try to learn what I can from them also. Keep up the great work and Thanks.

Pixelyoutube Grannyhaakkanaal says:

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

Treadmill Jammin says:

Thanks, Maliek! You cut the FAT… Now, I’m ready to CREATE.

Ole Larsen says:

Tnx for your beautiful tutorials. I am quite new. Question: My music disapears after uploading to Youtube? And I only use tunes from Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate (my progam)? Do you have any remarks to that? Kindly regard Ole – Denmark

Poul Pedersen says:

I always look foreward to saturdag when your new video arrives, thank you for that, If i may come with a wish, cpould you make a video about, how to make some think like this or at least the pricipels in it?


I already reboot the program but it still comes out that message and does not finish exporting…….
What I can do? please help me

Neil Moralde says:

As always you provide great reviews. However I must state the Pinnacle 21 is basically a Train Wreck. Ot is obvious that those in the financial department of Corel have pushed the developers to get this version out immediately. And then fix the issues later. It is full of bugs. For example. Importing to Project bins is hit & miss. Sometimes it will accept. Other times it will just crash. Editing Interface is good and smooth. However using MTS file extensions seems to create a issue of stuttering slow moving editing after 15 mins work. The Export platform is a basket case. In previous versions exporting a HD1080p 1 hour video edit would have a file of approx 4-5GB. Now it defaults to 100,000kBits creating a unusable 26GB file. When trying to cut the bitrate back to 12,000 (as was the default in previous versions) it is extremely slow at exporting and then refuses to play on Windows Media Player. I could go on for hours about several other bugs and issues. But it all seems pointless at present. While Pinnacle 21 is a great looking piece of software. Once you get into it. It is full of issues. Oh Yeah. Im sure there will be Patches issued later. But my point is WHY release software when even a 8 year old child can see it was never ready for release. Just to add. I use a Very powerful Windows computer with 128MB Ram and the latest GFORCE NVIDA Graphics card. This is a total embarassment for Corel.

Ger Bouwhuis says:

erg leerzaam

Alex Arm says:

There is tramcode shine effects?

Marshall Sherman says:

Again & again > excellent training! My spouse wishes you would not give me all those ideas about PS, wants lawn mowing ideas instead!!! Thanks So much 😉

PinnacleStudioPro says:

Are you excited about the new user interface of Pinnacle Studio 21?

MarkTheLostTraveler says:

Thank you Maliek! love your videos. Thank you as always for all the info.

National computer video Mexing point says:

Hindi mi lectures deya kro

Unclenched says:

Hey man, I am really struggling with Pinnacle Studio 21’s Export Options. We have a gaming channel and when I would export a 20 minute long video at MPEG-2 at 1080p, the file size is so much larger then it was in Studio 20 at the same export settings. Any recommendations on the best export settings at FULL HD. Thanks!

hdfilmari says:

Hy! if i want to make a blu-ray p21 ? i need to use pinnacle 20 for this? Pinnacle 21 is not fot disks?

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