Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Keyframe Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate keyframe tutorial. This keyframe keyframing tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 will show you how to use keyframes in videos using Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate. This complete tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro provides step by step instructions on how to apply keyframes to horizontal and vertical positions with Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate to create motion and move items across the screen in a video. Maliek shows you how to use keyframes with the horizontal and vertical size options to make objects small or zoom out and make objects big or zoom in. He also shows how to use the PIP scale mode to change sizes and move items to different positions on the screen. This is a great tool for controlling motion and speed of objects, PIP, and overlays. Our tutorial helps you learn while having fun so you can improve your videos. The demonstration and tutorial will show you all you need to know to get it up and running quickly.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.


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Leo van den Broek says:

Maliek, thanks for this tutorial. Brilliant

Gangster Ent says:

can you show how to edit a rap music video using this software

rahmah ima says:

and I still can not enter text into vidio pinecle 21
please help me. I am from INDONESIA

Rich Sullo says:

Man you make great tutorials on this software been using 19 for ever, I make small videos  with lightsabers well I just got 21 and it’s a bit different, may  be one day can you make a tutorial on how to make lightsaber in 21thanks

Oenomaus says:

I use Pinnacle 17 for all my special effects and key frames for most complicated zooms and the built in effect zoom for the smoother high pass options.

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

I so love this as in pinnacle is so easy and fast do this nice staff

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

I wish to learn to use keyframes to add len flares to my videos.

Marvin Barnes says:

Hey Maliek. This comes at just the right time. I want to close a ride video and will pull a picture of the ride leader to the center of the screen surrounded by the closing title. So nice to have a guy in the warms sunshine help us folks up north in snow.

Pixelyoutube Grannyhaakkanaal says:

Thank you so much. Regards.

Kathy Roberts says:

Nice, I did this awhile ago but not as smooth as you. I had mine actually do a loop in the middle. But I like how you have made the precise movements.

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

How do I get my lens flare to open with the start of the clip and run through the 16 minutes of the clip? I keep doing something incorrectly with the keyframe.

Rich V says:

Been using version 18. It may finally be time to go for the upgrade.

fishbyte50 says:

Wow – even though I think I know how to do something I watch your tutorial and learn something new (like clicking on “Horizontal” etc. to get it to go to original)! Thanks Sir…

rahmah ima says:

yes………………….I finally managed to understand because watching your video
thanks for the 21 ultimate pinecle vidio.

David Hunter says:

Hiya Maliek, is there a way in Pinnacle Studio19Ultimate where you can reverse the film that you have recorded, so the actual start is at the end!
Like with flying a drone you fly to the subject and fly backwards to yourself so to speak and when in Pinnacle it looks like you’re flying to wards the subject ? Would be greatfull if you could explain! Keep up the good work out there!

Jim M says:

Maliek, thanks for this tutorial as it opens up so many creative ideas for my videos. I’m still on 19 and while it doesn’t have a PIP button, the effect can still be accomplished (I think) manually. I had not considered the track over track to allow for the PIP. I usually run 2, sometimes 3 cameras while fishing and this PIP idea will work perfect for showing alternate angles at the same time. MANY thanks.

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

I hope to use keyframes for effects like lightening.

Anthony Pierre says:

I think that once people understand keyframing, it will open up a lot of editing possibilities! Great video showing “how” keyframe works! Takes the mystery out of it!

jonh major says:

Another awesome tutorial. This will help many get up to speed on using the new keyframe interface quickly. Thank you again!

David Fraser says:

Great!!! Opens up a new avenue of editing. Keep up the great work.

headrushindi says:

I have been using Pinnacle since Version 9 I love your tutorials ..but have a question for you . I have used many other editing systems and I do not believe ANY of the other systems I have used require the long waiting period for the video to PRE RENDER…why is it that other systems you can begin rditing your video the moment you drop it on the timeline ?? But Pinnacle cannot? ..I understand that you can adjust it in settings not to background render…however when working with large files thats not wise either….

William Stange says:

You know what I miss is sound key framing on the time lime.
Sometime I just what to lower the some within the video. I do not with any other sound time

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