Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | L Cut and J Cut Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 21 L Cut and J Cut tutorial. This L Cut and J Cut tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 will show you how to blend audio from one scene into another scene using the trim editor with Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate. A L Cut is when the audio from a clip extends into the video of the following clip. A J Cut is when the audio from a clip extends into the video of the previous clip. In order to make L or J Cuts you need to detach the audio from the video. Once that is done you need to add trim points to the video or audio (your choice) and use the trim editor to trim or extend the clip. This is a great tool for creating movement in your videos and slideshows. Our tutorial helps you learn while having fun so you can improve your videos. The demonstration and tutorial will show you all you need to know to get it up and running quickly.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
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Title: Fretless
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The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.


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Danny Fyffe says:

Very helpful video. I have heard of both types of cuts, but never quite understood them. So I now know how easy it is, what it means and that is all thanks to you.

CalliGaming says:

i think this is amazing

Mansoor Mastana says:

How to write urdu text in Pinnacle Studio 20

Isabel Calderon says:

Fantastic teacher,! difficult for me to understand everything but…Great !

Reviews To The Point says:

Hummm. I wonder if I don’t detach the audio and  just put the video with the audio above one of the clips and drag it over minimizing or just canceling one of the audio clips. I’ve always been reluctant to use the TRIM EDITOR probably because I don’t really have a handle on it.  I always think I’m gonna shorten my clip or make my clip longer. Or does it just move it over?

Bernie Stefan-Rasmus says:

That was interesting this is a feature that I was unaware of. May have to think about it

Professor X says:

I’ve cut videos this way for years, but like someone else said, I was unaware this technique had a name. Thanks for educating me. 🙂

The Comedian says:

Hey Maliek, I’m currently editing footage on Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate that was shot at three different frame rates: 24, 30, and 60.

I have the timeline settings at 30p, but have noticed that sometimes dead frames or extra frames pop up between clips.

Should I lower the timeline setting to 24p?

Ed Pruitt says:

Maliek, enjoyed the new tutorial. The fades make it so much smoother. Thanks again.

Danny Fyffe says:

Maliek, just wanted to tell you that Pinnacle did just today resolve my issue of the missing Roll Up button. So if anyone has anything missing in Pinnacle, I would advise them to do this. I hope this helps you to help others:

Close Studio. Press Windows + R keys together to get Run command box.
In the available field type (or copy and paste) %localappdata% and press Enter key.
Rename the Pinnacle folder to Pinnacle.old and Pinnacle_Studio_21 folder to Pinnacle_Studio_21.old
Start Studio 21

Simon Burridge says:

i do this all the time but never knew they were called J and L cuts haha

Gordon Pilcher says:

I’ve found this can be better accomplished by using the multi cam feature and ensure both the interviewer and interviewee are both miked the do the edit on the multi cam and applying tradition live shooting principals

Rod Leyland says:

I use L and J Cuts all the time, using the basic technique that you outline here. The main problem with the technique though is that because it’s necessary to detach the the audio and video in the clip(s) you’re using. Because they’re no longer positively attached (locked) to each other it’s possible for them to become out of sync by inadvertently moving either the audio or video on the timeline.
It would be great if Pinnacle Studio allowed you to move the audio or video at either end of a clip independently of each other but kept the sync of the audio and video locked to each other within the overall clip.
This would be a simple modification to incorporate into the program and would be of great use to all serious movie makers.

Konstantin Kolomoisky says:

Hey Maliek, Great videos. Just found your channel. Love it. Just a quick question here: Moving from FCPX to PS21 trying to create Fade to black on the last clip and PS21 not letting me to drop the out transition as it is in FCPX (just drop at the end). I found the way to do it with transparency, but this is more complicated. Is there other way in PS21 to do it? Thanks for help.

Jayaprakash M says:

Hi maliek
Kindly show to make the name slide like this video your are showing 21st sec your name slide came right i want to do same, may i know how to do this one

Gregory Lakics says:

Another awesome tutorial. I have learned so much from you Malik. Thanks

Brushes Of Magic says:

I use L & J cuts, but I never knew what they were called. Good to know it’s a thing! Haha. Dig it!

Kathy Roberts says:

Your L cut seemed better than your J cut. I always found I would get those windows up by accident, thanks for showing me what I really should be doing with them. 🙂

Joe Boudreault says:

Looks pretty cool, Maliek. I haven’t got Pinnacle 21 yet, still using my old 12 Studio, watching to see how it’s different. These cuts are neat, but I’m not sure if the cuts where you still talk but fade out look okay. I guess there’s a place for them all. Thanks.

byHark1 says:

Great Tutorial as always Maliek… I have used the L and J cuts without their definition, but but by trial and error… Pleased to see that I was on track and now have the names to go with the two cuts… Thanks again…

Sakman says:

Thanks Maliek!

Art Carnrick says:

Thanks for demoing… used to use them in the OLD version of Pinnacle… handy when you are doing music videos or explaining something and need show something quickly but keep the audio going.

woodcraftmarketing says:

Use them all the time.

Marvin Barnes says:

Thanks for another great tutorial. use the L cut to transition from one part of a ride video with human voice background to the actual moving along the trail I like it better than a normal fade. I once heard some guy on Pinnacle Studio Pro say it give things pizzazz to do the little extra stuff.

Raven4122 says:

NICE! I you are my main source to learn this software! Would appreciate a subscribe back raven4122

luciano auteri says:

Ciao Maliek, in questa versione 21 di Pinnacle, è possibile effettuare il (Rotoscoping?) Ciao.

Kentucky Ranger says:

WOW!!! Awesome, and simple explanation!

Anthony Pierre says:

Finally!! FIRST!! Once again, thanks for taking the time to explain this editing technique that is fairly common.

Jim M says:

I’m an amateur at editing and had no idea what an L and J cut meant. Now I know. I have used the detach audio feature on a clip in an Alaska trip video I’m compiling where I needed the desired audio to cut in at a different video point. Can’t say what happened, but during additional editing to shorten the length of the compilation, the detached audio got well separated from the clip it was supposed to mate to. I moved it to the correct position, but didn’t think they would separate. Gotta figure that one out.

As to L & J cut uses, I have not used them specifically. On several occasions I have used audio from one camera angle to continue to run while I overlapped video from a second camera angle. I simply drop the second camera’s video on a upper track (with that track’s audio muted) so that the second camera’s video is what appears while the audio from the first camera is running. I don’t know any simpler way of doing it, but it works.

As always, Maliek, we all appreciate the effort and tutorials. You are making us all better producers. Many thanks!

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

Thanks for that finally I know how that cut works properly I will definitely use tham 🙂

And I hope I get shoutout as I fill that request form about 2 mouth ago 🙂

David Fraser says:

Great again, learning something new every time.

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