Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Pan and Zoom Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 21 Pan and Zoom tutorial. This Pan and Zoom tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 will show you how to pan and zoom using keyframes with Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate. This complete tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro provides step by step instructions on how to pan and zoom using zoom, horizontal, vertical, and rotation to create motion and move items across the screen or zoom in and zoom out in a video. Panning refers to horizontal movement or the position of a still or video. It can be used to move from one point of emphasis to another, shift across a video or image to create a sense of movement, and more. Zooming refers to a change from close-up to wide shot or wide shot to close-up. The Pan and Zoom feature in Pinnacle Studio 21 controls zoom, position, and rotation. Maliek shows you how to pan and zoom out or zoom in using presets or by creating custom movement. He also shows how to use nodes, sliders, and arrows to dial in the settings you want. This is a great tool for creating movement in your videos and slideshows. Our tutorial helps you learn while having fun so you can improve your videos. The demonstration and tutorial will show you all you need to know to get it up and running quickly.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.


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jeffphilips says:

Also looking for effects to put on top of video similar to this You see the haze effect at the very beginning. Anything like that in pinn 21?

Potter Broadcasting says:

Hey Maliek, I noticed they added more text controls to the 3D text section, but the standard text section is the same. By “controls” I mean line and letter spacing. Do they have plans to include those in the standard text section?

jeffphilips says:

what settings should I use for optimum playback during editing in 21 Ultimate? What I have now seems to be taking a long time to render. Thanks!

Memory Lane Videos says:

Sorry she hit you with a pan! I’m sure you made up later though. I’m glad things panned out for you!

Muhammad Nadeem says:

Sir Your are great…….I have a question about …. How to make ANYTHING (like picture and text) React to Music & Audio in pinnacle studio 19…….Please guide in regard…..

Marvin Barnes says:

Maliek, I am having problems with he key frames. If I change a key frame and do not have the line exactly on the key frame another key frame is created and ultimately causing the video/image to appear to move around. Any quick cure?

Jegajothy Vythilingam says:

I love pinnacle studio, it is awesome, because of its power and features. One question for u,is there an automatic counter to insert in a title. I want to insert the counter in a frame, and copy that frame with the cojunter So that when it displays the next frame it would insert the next icrement by 1, say if it was 1 in frame 1, so the next frame would be 2. maybe u could show me a way around it. U would want to know why. Well I have a prayer on a sound track and I want to recite it 108 times. Thus this frame on a track of its own will do the counting when I copy and paste it to the previous frame. Also how do I copy the playlist for all Pinnacle 19 and 21 separately. Do u have a link for that? thank u for your humourous presentation of the training serious, I enjoy them and keep up the good work.

AmAdoke says:

cna you make a new video of censor and blur?

Mark Bailey says:

Good explanation. The tip to view the keyframe panel is helpful along with the explanation of the Motion settings.

Raverocks says:

Thank you Maliek. A very good presentation. You have once again proven that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Kathy Roberts says:

Thank you Maliek, I have missed you as I really look forward to the weekly tutorials. And you always manage to show me something different to the way I use Pinnacle.

Mr. Beepers says:

Pinnacle Studio 21 is much easier to use than the Premiere Pro I learned several years ago. And the cost is much less, too!! Thanks for clearing up the nuances of Pan and Zoom feature. One thing with my screen and yours is the difference yours looks from mine. I don’t see the keyframes like yours shows!!

Jim M says:

The “pan” intro was cute! The Pan & Zoom editing sure has gotten a lot simpler to accomplish since PS18/19. That feature alone sure would make editing my videos a lot easier and quicker. As always, thanks Maliek.

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

Thanks again like always good tutorial from you

Kentucky Ranger says:

With my new equipments ability to record in 4k, this effect will be used *ALLOT* more!
Why? Because when rendering my projects in 1080p, the 4k allows me to use the feature without losing picture quality.
this feature can really make the difference in a scene!
But, as with all the awesome features in Pinnacle, moderation is the key to making a video a pleasure, or pain to watch.
It’s just like what differentiates a good cook with an awesome cook. While they both have the same resources at hand, one uses their spices a pinch at a time, while the other dumps it all over.
Use these features sparingly, as not to give your audience a headache… ;O)

CubanZak says:

So how do you take a single group photo and make last about one minute long without boring the heck out of everyone ? Answer Pan and Zoom. I recently revisited an old Army Basic Training Graduation group photo and wondered how to post it and make it interesting. View the link below to see the results.

Kentucky Ranger says:

Love the way Pinnacle has made this feature even better in the new edition!

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