Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate Review and Tutorial | What’s New

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate review and tutorial what’s new. The what’s new review and tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate will teach you about all of the new features of the software. We discuss the new user interface, the removal of the navigation bar, and the new buttons at the top of the interface. We also go into the new editor button which allows you to access several features of the program, time remapping for speed and reverse effects, and the detachable windows. There are a bunch of new effects such as morph transitions, 3D Titles, Wide-Angle Lens correction, Paint effects, and NewBlue Video Essentials V. The program also added an option to export to many popular file extensions. Maliek shows tells you about all of the new features of the program. The demonstration and tutorial will show you how easy it is to use these features in your videos.

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Mal Leichter says:

Thanks for the feedback on collections and project bins.

New question on Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

I have been totally frustrated try to use “Pan and Zoom”. Used to be so easy to use to show the illusion of motion in a Still photo using the red and green boxes. Now I see both but after sizing and positioning the green box I see the red box. When I move my mouse off the green box the red box disappears. I also see a Whit box even when I am NOT in the static mode. I have heard that P&Z is broken. I don’t know if this is true or if I just don’t know how to use it in the new interface. If it is not broken can you please tell me how to use it! I have watched yours and other tutorial and none of them mentioned any change to P&Z. I would think if you don’t talk about it it would remain the same.

I have figured how to accomplish the same effect using properties in the new editor. It works but it also takes more time.

Thanks fore the feedback

Mal Leichter

Adnan Rather says:

does this software have skin smoothening effects?

Wrighty says:

I wonder if you could help please. I’ve just installed Pinnacle Studio 21. all works well until I try to export video. It gets to anywhere between 30 to 80% and crashes my computer and the computer re-boots every time I try to export video.
It is a brand new computer with windows Pro 10. I save and try to export to a different drive but it still crashes. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Terry.

Omega Ordained says:

Dang Maliek! Thank you for selling me on this new version of Pinnacle, I waited to buy 20, now I want 21! i’m still using 19. Thank you so much for all the tips! you have make my videos better each time you post! Keep it up, I need lots of help lol .

Baldknobby says:

Thanks for the vid. Purchased the ultimate version using your link but now i see that Pinnacle charges extra for blu-ray authoring? WTF? Now I see that Powerdirector 15 includes blu-ray authoring and 4k video for half the price as Studio 21. I may have purchased the wrong software…

Dan Losch says:

Maliek, your videos helped me from a rookie to a seasoned veteran on v.19.  Can you tell me what might motivate me to purchase v.21?

Kanu Thakkar says:

How do you create disc menu and how do edit. It is different interface and does not give option to drop the disk menu and edit option

Brian Schwartz says:

Playing around w/21. Found an odd thing with export. Trying to export with a custom setting of 1080 by 1080 at 299.97 fps for Instagram purposes. The container I used was the h.264. Not sure what MPEG4 visual is. On export, it is audio only, no video. Worked fine on version 18. I wonder if I am missing something. ideas?

HomeAutomationX says:

Hi Maliek, I decided to use your advice and stick with Pinnacle Studio to create the effects for my channel into. I used it on the video I released an hour ago. A lot better then spending money on different software.

David Henry says:

Where do you go to make color corrections of your video in pinnacle 21 ultimate

Soteres Joannou says:

Hi Maliek,
I’m trying to install the Pinnacle Premium Packs Volume 1-2 “PremiumPacks.msi”, but when I try to install there is an error: “should install with premium packs executable file”.

Am I doing something incorrectly?


Jay Alvarez says:

I’m interested. I like to know in general how long does it take to render a 15 minute1080p video to completion. I know there is a lot of factors involved for this quesiton, but mp3 audio files with 1920×1080 video clips. Thank you.

Sujay Chatterjee says:

My experience is Very Very Bad about Pinnacle . Every time when i started working on pinacle either it is lagging or crashing or Ng Studio has stopped working.
Get some solution or stopped the pinnacle for selling.

Need Reply. I’M frustrating.

NOLADrinks says:

Thanks, Maliek! Another great vid, man!

Edith Jones says:

Hey, is the vignette effect not in the 21 upgrade? it’s usually in the add-ons under effects, but i dont see it there and cant seem to locate it.

Robert Dumoulin says:

Hi Maliek what is the link for pinacle studio 21 at 89.00 dollars

Te Bo says:

Maliek, great work! Once a year I receive a Pinnacle email offering the latest version at a small discount. I generally follow the email link (yep, making sure it is from Pinnacle) and order physical. Of course this avoids your link whereby you get a small fee to help with tutorial costs. If I follow your link to purchase, will I get the same discounted price?

James Green says:

I still prefer 9, before they made it confusing. 9 and previous had a audio track that could be manipulated easily, you didn’t have to open the audio editor to crop etc. Much easier, more intuitive and better for creating.

Anthony Montagna says:

Where is the Pinnacle Studio Affiliate Link. I don’t see a SHOW MORE button under the video. I want to buy through you so you get a few bucks. I am a supporter of you monthly as well. You do a GREAT JOB teaching… And lots of fun. !!!

johari nichols says:

I bought studio 19 ultimate about 1 and a half years ago. 3 months into it I started having problems with the software; the audio went completely out on me. The problem has to be software related because the audio still works on my computer. Before I switch to another company, does anyone know something helpful? I called the pinnacle 877 number and their solution was, “pay $80-somethin dollars for the studio 21 upgrade. Thank you!

Cicero Ferreira says:

like your videos. Please, how do I increase or decrease the sound in the timeline of pinacle studio 21? Grateful.

Tim Hargrove says:

Thank you for all you do for all of us Pinnacle Studio Pro users! I have just ordered my new version Pro Ultimate from your link. Not only does Pinnacle have terrific support, you to my friend give us the ULTIMATE SUPPORT with hands on training. Keep up the awesome work!!!

Roop Gill says:

21 is flawed, tried doing fast motion, time lapse, slow motion, 3d titles, all dont work, contacted the support and they say wait for the new patch. so don’t buy it. till they figure it out. no preview for the effects. new effects suck. the magic bullet effects don’t work with the new 21 studio. I am refunding mine.

Hugh Hemington says:

I bought Pinnacle Studio 20. Now ALL I get out of that garbage is a NAG to spend more to get 21! $100 down the toilet, and I’m going to throw another $90 down after it? NO!

This software is useless. It cannot import .MP4, .AVI, or a non-DRM .VOB file at all. It reports there are “No items in this folder”, when there are, if the software isn’t worthless.
I honestly have no idea what it is good for! Certainly nothing related to video editing, that’s pretty clear.

If you’re shopping for video editing software, KEEP SHOPPING, because this ISN’T IT!!!!!

UPWAAdmin says:

Can I ask a dumb question. I used Pinnacle 12 Ultimate for years for my autistic nephew to make videos. He films on Mini DV and imports with a fire wire directly from the camera. Can 21 use the tape?

Pixelyoutube Grannyhaakkanaal says:

I have it thanks for the video.

broderp says:

Export is BROKEN. The previous version of Studio gave us very easy to use interface to create disc, Web, File etc. It was easy to select what we wanted. I don’t mind the extra selections and customization’s, but now I have no clue how to make an .ISO file for burning a Blu-ray. What format can be used to make an ISO image to burn to Blu-ray? I also bought version 20 in may with the Blu-Ray plugg-in. So 4 months later later Studio 21 comes out and all Corel will do for me is give me the privilege of upgrading for $30 (So now any sale price I payed is lost) and the new version 21 took away the Blu-ray pluggin. I’m not to happy.

But anyways, how do get an ISO file out of this version?

Sujay Chatterjee says:

I’m using Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate on my – I7-7700k, 16 Gb RAM, 2GB GTX NvDIA DDR 5 Graphic card. But after working 10-15 minutes , pinnacle is working solw.

why? please help

Anthony Montagna says:

Wow… Thank you so much for telling us. Your Explanation is GREAT! I am a monthly financial supporter. This Moph transition is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Still. need to know how to purchase so you would get a kick back. I don’t see the SHOW MORE button. Anybody else has? Let me know.

BIGFOOT - Born to be Wild! says:

“Bigfoot Born 2B Wild” just upgraded to “Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate”
~ (enjoy the commish) Order#12544943### ~ Thanks for all the Great Tutorials!

Adipose Industries [GD] says:

I’m currently switching from FCPX trial to this. Is is as detailed as this and can I continue editing just like I did on Final Cut Pro, without losing any of it’s features which I relyed on?


NOLADrinks says:

Question – how do you feel about the 360-vid upgrades?

7devious says:

do not get pinnacle 21 stay with 20 the time stretch does not work correctly and the rendering time takes much longer I brought 21 and I rather use pinnacle 20 .Using 21 is very annoying you can see the videos I made on my page all done with 20 save your money 21 sucks big time

Frog - Tech - Tips says:

I will finally move to pinnacle 21 ultimate from 19 ultimate I hope my youtube channel will get benefit from that 🙂

Mal Leichter says:

Hey Malik I have a question. I have been a Pinnacle studio Pro user Since ver 14. Each time I install a new version I lose my collections and bins. Is ther a way to carry them forward or get them back??? If it is complicated can you do a video on how to do it
By the way. I like Ver 21. It is a lot faster and more stable. At least it is for me.

Love your videos and your energy
Mal LeichterHebron, Connecticut. USA

AmAdoke says:

Can i edit green screen in pinnacle studio ultimate??

GoofyOldGuyPlays says:

I’m hoping there is more to the new version than just this. An update to edit and export 360 video without all the extra outside processes would have been nice. It’s difficult enough to do the editing in Pinnacle, let alone the injector needed afterward (especially since I can’t install that and get it to work). Since this is what I would call a minor update, I’m finding it hard to rationalize a full price with minor discount. I still love your videos, so keep them coming. Maybe relay back our disappointment in the price for a minor update with the company.

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