Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Save Movie As Template Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate save movie as template tutorial. This save movie as template tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 21 will show you how to save a template that can be used to streamline your video editing work flow in Pinnacle Studio 21 ultimate. This complete tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro provides step by step instructions on how to use a video project in your timeline and select which clips, pics, and audio can be used as a placeholder and which of those assets will remain as a permanent element of the template. Maliek shows you how to save the movie as a template, how to open it in the timeline, and how to add new clips, pictures, images, and audio to placeholders. He also shows you how to change the timeline mode to the new replace mode option so that you can add assets to the placeholders without them shifting on the timeline. Our tutorial helps you learn while having fun so you can improve your videos.

Music in this video:
Title: Game Plan
Composer: Eric Palmer
Album: StackTraxx V12: Corporate Stacks 1
Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc.

The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from I have the rights and license to use it.


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Richard Moffatt says:

Great Job Maliek, so glad I found your channel

Mallo Hama says:

Hi is your app showing how to make log?

Donna Thomas says:

I’m a new subscriber and glad I am. Thank you so much Maliek for your expertise and knowledge. Makes it much more exciting.

La Escuela de Música . net says:

Good job my friend! I bought the program through you link, thank you for the helpful tips and carry on. I will use for my online music school.

byHark1 says:

Excellent Tutorial on Saving a Movie as A Template, Maliek… I have several movie types that I use somewhat frequently and I am always recreating from scratch… Now I don’t have to do that and it will save me oodles of time… So thank you so much for this Tutorial…

FlappyGamer says:

I Have A Question!We all know that in PSU there are some bars.There you drop vids,sound or music.Is there ANY way I can have two bars of the same kind? Two sound ones e.g.

Dan Losch says:

Maliek, I am still trying to master v.19.  This feature has tempted me to upgrade.  I will have to give it more thought.BTW: You tutorials are excellent!  Keep them coming.

ienoofficial says:

How do you do the Star Trek transporter effect?

Alice Kjeldmann says:

where in pinnacle 21 can I find the video_TS to make my dvd

Haakclub Pixelhaken says:

Thank you Maliek. Have a nice weekend.

Anthony Pierre says:

Another awesome tutorial! Question, can you do multiple replacements at one time? Highlight the timeline placeholders, then lasso, drag and drop to them.

Marvin Barnes says:

Maliek, great as usual. Will be using in the very near future. Be Blessed…..

Sthembiso Gumbi says:

Mr plz halp me i need add plugins on pinnacle 21 how can do

Poul Pedersen says:

Malik you are the best. Your Danish fan

LFT.FT.BRKN. says:

Ultimate! (Denzel curry voice)

hdfilmari says:

Hi professor! I have a problem with pinnacle 21. I export to the file the size 20gb and it makes me a 7gb file at very bad quality.
Why not make a file to the size specified by me?

Peter Toft says:

Great training videos. I currently use Studio 18 and my vacation videos are about 60 mins duration.I try to construct the film in a series of 5 to 10 min sections otherwise the file size is too large and actions are very slow. I then add all the small pieces together into one film. This worked well for Studio 14 but with 18 some pieces are missing at the beginning and end. Am I structuring the film correctly? Or do I need a larger capacity computer? I am using Win 10 on an HP desktop with 1TB hard drive and 6 GB memory with an additional 3TB separate hard drive. Any advice appreciated.

PinnacleStudioPro says:

What features would you like to see added to the Template function?

GameingProz says:

Hey Maliek, I stumbled across a problem. I was wondering if you can help me out. When I am recording a voice over I don’t have a very good mic or a filter so there is air noises in the background. I was wondering if you knew how to fix that problem. Thank you

Duane Hayes says:

Warning. Philosophical Content: When having difficulty in mastering a technique or new trick, it’s important to remember its almost always the operator. “Whats wrong with you Pinnacle studio? Whats wrong with you? Its not Pinnacle Studio…Its me.” As always great work Maliek.

Woodcraft says:

Good video Maliek. Looks like this capability was also available in version 20 as well! But we’ll be upgrading soon to version 21! Thanks for all you do!

Jim M says:

Funny intro, as they usually are. Another interesting feature of PS21 that was not in 19. Thanks for the instruction, Malik

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