Pinnacle Studio Basics, A to Z. Tutorial: How to make a video using Pinnacle Studio.


Olin Guyton says:

Looking forward to using the Studio 21 program I purchased some months ago…like your easy to follow tutorials for sure. THanks

TardyKat says:

Make sense.i don’t want a bloated prgm and I use the basics. I thought the standard version would do that…alas no.

Miklos Jako says:

Key point – Lately I’ve found it simpler to import clips, not from the desktop, but directly from the folder the clip is in, by DRAGGING the clip in. Drag Studio to the left, bring up the clip at the right, and drag it in. That way you’re not doing any actual moving of the clip and losing track of where it’s supposed to be.

Augustine m.umlong says:


pitri yani shelmagadiza says:

Hi mr.. This is my favorite editing videos but I have too much working in my school,I hope sometime anytime to waching your videos, thank u verry much.

Bill Callahan says:

Very well done & easily understood! Thank you!

Ranjit Ratnaike says:

Greetings from Australia. This is one of the best teaching videos on any topic, I have ever viewed. The content is superb, as is the choice of words, the pacing and the pause after each sentence. You are a gifted teacher. Pinnacle should be very indebted to you! You, Sir, have no competition!! Best wishes.

Henry Hoover ABC says:

Very useful! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Sapp says:

Enjoyed this. Have been working with Pinnacle for 6 years, started with 12, but have never been adventurous. Always like to get tips. Do you answer questions?

Tom Slater says:

I’m running Studio 21 but this video explained a lot of things I didn’t know.  Thanks!!

Jaime Segura says:

Si fuera posible en español, magnifico

Siddhartha Mukherjee says:

thank you sir , very helpful and well made , thanks

Mehdi Ben Hmida says:

thank you a lot and I like the way of your explanation

Ka Ying Lee Channel says:

Nice video, I subbed and support your channel #792

MrBackyardMechanic says:

Live screen capture?, what a crappy program

Karen Holton says:

Thank you so much. I love your teaching style and your goofy sense of humour. You took away all of my fears so I could dive in and use this program effectively. Bless you!

Kebede Lemma says:

M. B. N b.

Debra Daun says:

Excellent tutorial, exactly what I was looking for. I especially love the helpful hints at the end. Thank you!

Miklós Belényesi says:

ezt esetleg magyarul?

Augustine m.umlong says:

sory 4get to say thank

Bob Fowler says:

The best Pinnacle video tutorial that I have seen!

TardyKat says:

Miklos, have you tried Studio 21? I recently purchased it and found unable to create a DVD menu and submenus for chapter/scene selection. But the product spec say it includes this feature. Previous Studio versions I’ve had all were possible too. Corel customer service said I need to get the pricier Plus for DVD authoring. Just wondering if you had any insights.

abhay joshi says:

I want to learn more from you sir i m from GOA . i have pinnacal-21 i dont no how to edit on this S/W. mob. 91-7588446449-

VlogsByWes says:

Hey could use some help with my PS21. Any suggestions for why it renders soooo slowly?? Or how can I speed it up? It use to render fast but now it’s a snail. Help help help

Gerald5213 says:

Excellent tutorial, does not ramble on or too fast. Being new to editing found very useful and I hope to improve at the job. Still working in version 10 have jet to start using ver.20 – Looks rather complicated at present. Been about 10 years since buying older version and then only used it about twice, hence lots of catching up to do. Gerald

Thomas Lindhèr says:

Tank Oyu very match

Marko Krantic says:


TardyKat says:

I import two hours of footage at a time and work one it into 2 one hour DVDs. How do I start a new DVD under the author tab? The first project I completed stays there even thought I click “new”, I don’t know how to get a clean timeline to start editing my second hour after finishing the first hour.

Wrighty says:

I wonder if you can help please, I have pinnacle studio 21,1 and all it does is crash my computer when exporting. I am running windows 10 pro fully updated on a brand new computer 4.2 processer 16 gig memory and 1 gig hard drive. I have tried every setting I can think of in pinnacle and I can’t export any video over 10 minutes long at 1920 x 1080 without the computer crashing. I get no blue screen, the computer just locks up and I have to hard boot or it just shuts down and reboots on it’s own. It can crash anywhere between 30% to 92% rendered. Any advice would be very welcome, Thanks, Terry.

Overland Generation says:

Thank you… I Like you….That other guy got on my last nerve…

byprinceproductions says:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us who are new to this software. It was the best tutorial I have seen, and I have seen many! You calmly took us through each step, adding your experience which was very appreciated! I will now start fresh with all the information you gave me, putting aside all my frustrations that came with trying to do things on my own or with limited knowledge. Thank you again!

Narottam Bhakat says:

Wow, Nice Tutorials ,
Thank you

Joel Almemdarez says:

Are you hungry

Cassou Wassou says:

Simply amazing tutorial Miklos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I learned so much!!

TardyKat says:

To add, the Corel customer service said the DVD authoring in the standard version is not compatible with the latest Windows 10 update. But that Plus would be. I find that a bit odd. Why wouldn’t standard work with windows update and why Plus would if both Studio 21’s are essentially the same? And who’s to say with the next Windows 10 update the Plus might not work either!

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