Pinnacle Studio Tutorial – Object Masking with Motion Tracking

New in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is Motion Tracking with Mask Object. Easily track moving objects on screen and add a mask to elements – make the background grey scale and your object colored OR apply a blur or mosaic blur to obscure a face, license plate, logo or more. This tutorial will show you how. With Motion Tracking you can also connect them to elements such as text and graphics, or apply. For more information, visit


broderp says:

This does not work for me. I do not get the option as shown above when right clicking. I can see the “Motion Tracking” but there is no menu that pops up to select Mask Object. Clicking on the Motion Tracking from the root menu brings me to a similar menu as the one needed, but even after going thru the motions and saving, when I am back at the main screen, I do not have the mask track (black track with the area previously masked). It fails from there on out. Going back to the menu (motion tracker editor, it still shows I have an object being tracked. Version 64bit. This is frustrating. Did they change this procedure with an update? I am new to this version (just stepped up from version 14 that I have used for years with no issues) so I can not say that it worked before the upgrade.

Jordan Alvarez says:

When using this feature, can you mask this object out of this clip and put it on top of another clip? Or can you have this mask on top of a title and/or the clip? For example, in this video, can you have the parachute mask fly over the top of a title?

Non Ya says:

Clearly didn’t invest in very good audio. Why do videos if you can’t present your voice clearly and smooth. It makes my ears bleed to listen to you.

Nepic Face says:

I was your 15,000 subscriber

Brendan R says:

I can’t seem to figure out how to move around the video once I’m zoomed in. I’m trying to get a very precise mask, and I have to change the mask around the person’s head but once I zoom in, I can’t figure out how to go upwards.

Dario Graminho Victor says:

Good evening! Does anyone know where we get motion graphics templates to edit on Pinnacle 22 Ultimate?

The program is fantastic, has everything that others have and with the Pinnacle industry as usual, but it lacks a more active community that can provide effects, transitions, new templates for users. And I say there are also more professional, better designed transitions.

Corel is a giant, but it’s lacking more attention to this, to provide more effects of the style (motion graphics) among other details like database with videos in ChromaKey.

Corel can fight straight with Adobe if you want, but you need improvement in these details.

J. Grillo says:

I have p20 plus, with patch 20.5, but it doesnt work and despite the attempts of the support in trying to help, the file that does this function is not in my package. Please Corel, make us grow back into Pinnacle. I am a client of more than 15 years.

Mikeproduction13 says:

Is it possible to use this option with pinnacle 19 ultimate?

RedInterceptor says:

not worth another $150 for one more feature.

Winnie Oriana says:

Working with Pinnacle 21
Pinnacle is showing you a Ferrari overhere but in reality under the hood there’s a whole different engine. This Motion Tracking really doesn’t work at all. I tried it over and over again on different objects. Finally a red couch before a white wall. Nothing moved but still all dots went all over the place on the next frame. In one word: Worthless!

Logan Malicoat says:

I just got the plus version and it’s really hard to use. I’ve watched this tutorial but it doesn’t give me the option you have. It just has the option “follow object” but it’s greyed out. I don’t know what to do.

Brendan R says:

i keep trying use the motion tracker just to get the hang of it so i used an image of my face and me moving around just a little. I figured it would be easy enough with the program. but every time that i try to do it and adjust the track for a couple of frames to get it back on course, for no reason, it stretches the image horizontally, it fixes itself when i save but trying to adjust the track is impossible if i can’t see what im tracking. and then, usually a minute after it does that, the image disappears all together and is replaced by a grey screen with a lighter grey circle arrow and i cant fix it. why is it doing this and can i fix it?

Scooterflix says:

There’s nothing that says “Track Motion” when i right click the clip

Creative Touches says:

what is the longest time can a video Be? I am using PSU 20. Help

「 M 」 says:

Does it lag?

Q Speed Racer says:

motion tracking never tracks anything good for me.. I outlined something it never follows it.. i have to do it manually

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